How to add Facebook Reactions to your WordPress site

Remember when Facebook allowed you just to hit the like button for stuff found on the popular social network? People cried for the dislike button, but Facebook delivered even a better option that we now know as Reactions. Those few new icons that can help you express feelings on statuses, images, videos, etc. have become a part of online culture, and many can’t live without the icons. Some use them to show emotions, some to allow voting on specific things, but the fact is that Reactions are everywhere. Did you know that you can even get the Facebook Reactions to your WordPress blog?


How do you like it? Are you even able to hold on the button with those overgrown fingernails full of jungle dirt? OK, we’ll stop with the (lame) joke and show you how to add the Facebook Reactions to your WordPress site.

DW Reactions

PRICE: Free/$17

DW Reactions - Facebook Reactions for WordPress
Even if you personally don’t like using the emoticons, you have to think about your visitors. Depending on the content you publish and the audience of your site, you should get Facebook Reactions to make people engaged. You probably want people to stay on your site as long as possible, so why not give them what they like?

The plugin is straightforward and very easy to use. Since there are both free and the premium versions available, it is evident that some of the features won’t be available in the free one. If all you want is your readers to be able to show their reactions to the content, the free version of DW Reactions will just do.

After you download and install the plugin, you’ll get to choose the location of Facebook Reactions button and reactions count (above or below content). If you want more control over the position of the button, you can use the pre-generated shortcode [reactions] or use the PHP function dw_reactions() if you want to place the button and the count in WordPress templates manually.

The premium version

If you want more options, you should know that the premium version offers some great extra features. If you pay for the plugin, the first thing that will interest you is the Reactions Statistics. This reporting tool will show you the history of users’ reactions to posts, pages or products. It’s a great way of seeing how people reacted to your product – you don’t want to count all the different reactions to it manually.

DW Reactions statistics

You will also be able to add the Reaction widget which will list out the most popular post from your site. To be more precise, it will show the posts with the most reactions.

If you don’t like the Facebook-like icons, the premium version adds two extra styles you can choose from.

That it is all you need to know about DW Reactions. As you can see, the plugin is very simple, but it can install Facebook Reactions to your WordPress site in a matter of minutes. Similarly, you can add star ratings to your posts and page.

What do you think about the plugin? Do you use Facebook Reactions on your site? How do you and your readers like them?

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