WordPress Form Maker – building forms can be fun like playing with LEGO

While browsing the Internet, you will find forms in all kind of forms. Regardless the pun, there really are all different kinds of forms you have to deal with online. Want to contact someone? You’ll need one. Do you need a hotel reservation? Maybe order a takeout through a website or just sign up to a mailing list? Forms are simple, they can look great and draw the attention of a visitor. But what if you wanted one for you business site?

If you have ever started learning HTML and PHP, you’ve probably fiddled around forms. It’s not that hard to create a simple one with HTML and even control it with some basic code. Still, you will have to know your way around the web technologies. And it will most certainly take the time to build a custom form even if you’re good with the code. But when it comes to more complex creations and the security of the information, things get much, much more complicated.

Luckily, there’s WordPress which we all know and love. Since professional coders and designers spilled gallons of sweat to make fantastic plugins and themes, it’s a shame not to take advantage of them (plugin and themes, not the developers, let’s be serious for a second). We already know guys and girls at Web-Dorado for their amazing WordPress products, and today, we’re about to show you their awesome WordPress form builder. Let us show you what this fantastic plugin can do for you.

WordPress Form Maker

PRICE: Free/from $30

For starters, you should note that the plugin is completely free! You can have it now on your WordPress site. Whether you download the plugin from the WordPress plugins repository or find it by navigating to Plugins -> Add New, and search for WordPress Form Maker, your first form can be published in a matter of minutes.

There are more than 90,000 active installations at the moment, and users love creating forms with this plugin. Just take a look at almost 400 positive reviews on the repository! Without any further ado, let’s see why the plugin is so popular.

Creating forms can be fun and easy

Form Manager is a place where you can get creative. After you install the plugin, the manager will come prepacked with nine different forms ready for use. Whether you want to use the forms as is, or you want to customize them, it’s up to you. You can find the contact, admission, and registration forms, several surveys, etc.

All forms have a shortcode associated with them so you can easily embed them anywhere you want. But if you’re working in a Visual Editor, you will love the new WordPress Form Maker button that lets you insert any form you’ve created in a matter of a click! Once you click on the new button, you will get to choose a form that you want to insert. And that’s it! The developers of Form Maker have made sure that everything’s as simple as possible. But this is just the beginning.

It’s like playing with LEGO

Templates will definitely help you get started and get used to the plugin. But if you want to create a new form, you can show your creativity by starting from scratch. By enabling Drag & Drop (which is enabled by default) you can create practically any form you have in mind.

WordPress Form Maker fields and elements

  1. Give your new form a name – use any name you want. This is just used for better form management in the future. Yes, you can type in anything, but would you remember that “form_1” is that custom contact form you worked on a few months ago? Be creative, we believe in you!
  2. Choose a theme and customize it– there are dozens of themes ready for you. You just have to select one, and your form will look beautiful, you can be sure of that. But if you’re one of those meticulous types and you have to have every color perfectly matched to your site (we still like you, don’t worry), you can open the CSS editor and code your form into perfection. The editor is color coded, and you will need to know just the CSS basics to customize any of the themes. If you are an experienced web designer, you can click on the Advanced Layout button and create everything from scratch.
  3. Preview the form – before saving and publishing changes, you will want to click on the preview button. The button will open the form in front of you, without redirecting you to another page and show you what you’ve created. We really like this feature.
  4. Add fields and elements – this is where the LEGO part starts kicking in. Choose fields and elements that you want it in the form. Lay them one next to the other until you have the entire form.

Fields and Elements

WordPress Form Maker allows you to add fields and elements like custom HTML, text input, multiple choice, single choice, survey tools, time and date, select box, file upload, section break, page break, map, payment, captcha, and button.

Every field and element can be customized in details. You’ll be able to choose names, add labels, select positions, add class names so that you later style the specific element via CSS, and so much more. Since every element is different, so are the options that tag along. We really enjoyed exploring the features, and we’re sure you’ll love them, too.

There is an option for everything

Each form that you create will have its own settings. It’s important that you check them out because those settings contain important features. For example, this is the place to control email submissions. You can change everything from email subjects and addresses to the content, modes, etc. You can even separately set administrator and user emails. How awesome is that?!

If you want to control users after they submit the form, again, settings page is a place to look for. You can easily choose to leave users on the page, redirect them to any post, page or a custom URL. Want to show a custom message? You got it!

If you have a premium version, you will be able to add payment options to the form. For those more comfortable with JavaScript, there is a field that lets you control what happens before the form loads, before submitting the form and even before the form resets. To be honest, you don’t even have to know how to code if you can find a good snippet online. Whatever you do, it’s great to have such an advanced feature!

If you really are an advanced user, you’ll also love Conditions and MySQL mapping.

Submissions and IP blocking

All of your submissions will be neatly written in a database and displayed in front of you. You won’t have to worry about a thing; once you create a form, you can relax and forget about it and let Form Maker takes care of everything else.

Still, if you start getting spam, just go to the Blocked IPs sections and add the address that bothers you. Again, WordPressForm Maker is here to save you.

No matter what kind of form do you have in mind, WordPress Form Maker will let you create one. It’s simple as that.

If you have a simple blog and need a simple form, you can get everything you need just by installing the free version of the WordPress Form Maker. But if you’re more serious about your site, we suggest that you check all the features you can get from the premium plugin.

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