Top 7 plugins for better WordPress media management

By default, WordPress media management is quite good. When starting a fresh blog, the media library will be empty, and organizing new files won’t be a problem. Even if it’s your first time with WordPress, adding new images, videos and audio files will make you feel at home.

While you’re still working with just a dozen of media files, you won’t feel the need for a better WordPress media management tool. But when you start using the media library on an everyday basis, when your articles get filled with images and videos, and when you start counting the files in thousands, things will change.

Don’t get us wrong; even in that case, you can still work with the default media library and organize your files without serious problems. But you should know there are 3rd party plugins that can make your life easier when it comes to WordPress media management. Stick with us, and we will show you seven plugins to help you with the media management.

WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders

PRICE: $24

The developers have made sure that everything’s in the reach of your hands, so creating, deleting, renaming and moving categories is as easy as ABC.

You get to upload files directly to newly created folders, filter media, create galleries, and even customize the order of images in galleries. Everything looks amazing when working with thumbnails, but you can still quickly change the view into a list. The plugin is compatible with touch devices which mean you can work on your tablet or a smartphone without problems.

As this is a premium plugin, you also get free updates for life and full support for six months.

WP Media Folder

PRICE: $24

If you’re looking for a way to work with your WordPress images just like you do on your desktop computer, look no further. WP Media Folder is a premium plugin that will transform your media library and the way you think of WordPress media management.

Creating and managing folders is quick and straightforward. You can upload images through an intuitive drag&drop interface, work with folders on your site, and everything will be lightning fast since the plugin is only a few kilobytes light!

The plugin integrates into the default media library and enhances it for better usage. Changing folders won’t impact the links of your media files so you can freely organize the entire library like you’ve always wanted.

You can create galleries and automatically add images to them. There are four different themes you can use, change image and gallery dimensions, filter & order media files in details, and do much more with this fantastic plugin.

Media Library Assistant


Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant is a popular plugin that can quickly extend your standard media library. It will create a new shortcode that improves the original one. You will get support for all taxonomies & custom fields, and post_mime_type values. By using the shortcode, images that you upload don’t have to be attached to a specific post anymore, and you still get the complete control over styles, markup, and content of your galleries.

The plugin allows you to quickly find out where a particular image has been used. There is a great inline bulk edit which will let you quickly edit images on-the-go.

Media Library Assistant works well with other plugins; you can add slideshows, thumbnail strips, and special effects to your new galleries without a problem. With this plugin, you can assign attachment metadata (like file size, dimensions, and where-used information) to custom fields.

This free plugin offers much more, so make sure that you try it out. And the great thing is that it resembles your default media library, so you won’t have to learn how to use it.

Enhanced Media Library


With more than 100,000 active users, Enhanced Media Library is one of the most popular plugins for better WordPress media management. If you work with a large number of media files, you’ll be interested to know that this free plugin allows you to categorize files, both new and the old ones. You get to use taxonomies to organize your data, and you can even filter out images and videos according to them. It’s good to know that the plugin works with custom post types.

The plugin features an incredible import/export function that will allow you to move the entire media library to a new site quickly.

Media Library Categories


Media Library Categories

If all you want to do is to organize your media files into categories, and you don’t need all the fancy features from the previously mentioned plugins, Media Library Categories is the one for you. It is very simple, but it does its job perfectly.

Once you install and activate the plugin, it will create a drop-down list of categories in your media library

Media File Renamer


Media File Renamer

Have you ever uploaded one or more images just to realize that you have misspelled a name or completely forgot to rename the images? If so, you know that renaming images in WordPress isn’t possible. To keep media files clean and SEO-friendly, you have to rename them locally and upload to the media library again. This is the main reason why we included Media File Renamer on the list of must-have WordPress media management plugins.

The free version of the plugin will automatically rename files according to their titles. If you want more control and to be able to rename files manually, you will have to reach in your wallet and opt for the PRO version.

Enable Media Replace


This simple plugin counts more than 200,000 active users on WordPress plugins repository. That’s because it’s very simple and it saves you time when working with WordPress media.

As you might have guessed from the name of the plugin, it can help you replace any media files you are using on a blog. By default, updating a media file requires you to delete the old version, upload the new one and edit the title, description, etc. With this plugin, things get much easier. Instead of all that, you get to upload the new version of an image, video or any other media file and the plugin will make sure that it gets updated on the entire site. How awesome is that!?

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