Have WordPress message you about all updates via email

If you run a WordPress website, you already know that there can be tons of new updates for core files, your themes and of course plugins. When you combine all of them, there can be a lot of stuff to update on a regular basis. If you’re not logging in into your admin account quite often, this might become a problem.

That’s the point where you’ll want to consider other methods of updating. You might be interested into automatic WordPress updates or you can let WordPress notify you about all the updates via email.

If those little messages about updates go on your nerves, see how to remove them completely. But if you have decided you want to be notified about the updates, we have a neat little plugin which can save your life.

WF Updated Notifier

PRICE: free

WF Updated Notifier will take the job and notify you whenever there are new updates to the core files, themes or installed plugins. The plugin will make changes to your WP and make your system check for updates more often. This means you will know about them before, and sometimes, few hours might mean the difference. You can choose to check for updates hourly, once or twice per day.

Nag messages about updates will be automatically removed after you install this plugin. You can easily choose if you want to be notified only about active or about all plugins; this can save you time going through tons of emails about the plugins and themes you’re not using but only keeping deactivated.

If that’s not enough for you, the plugin provides different number of actions and filter for advanced users.

After you enter you e-mail address in the settings area and set everything up, you will start receiving email messages about new updates. Those emails will tell you which update is ready for your system, and to make everything even easier, a link to your updates will be attached.

With WP Updates Notifier, you won’t have an excuse; keep your website updated.

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