30+ Beautiful WordPress Website and Blog Examples (2023)

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 4th, 2023
10 min read
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30+ Beautiful WordPress Website and Blog Examples (2023)

Did you know that WordPress is older than Facebook? Even though it’s considered a state-of-the-art website builder and content management system (CMS), WordPress started small and grew into the leading platform for bloggers, website designers, developers, SEO experts, and writers.

WordPress is so big that it’s used by 44% of all websites that adapt CMS technologies. 

So, what’s WordPress’s secret?

The answer is straightforward — it’s easy to use, and it’s highly customizable. With all of the widgets, add-ons, and themes that you can install on WordPress, website building becomes as fun as playing with Lego. It lets you create blogs or websites with minimum to no coding skills. All you need is some goodwill and creativity.

However, inspiration strikes randomly, and we need to get those sites up. To stimulate your WordPress site-building creative process, I decided to make a list of 30+ website examples that will blow you away.

35 amazing sites and blogs created with WordPress

I performed in-depth research to find this list of websites and blogs that I consider high-quality in terms of design. Simply put, all of the platforms listed below showcase the power of WordPress in the best possible light. Feel free to go through the list and examine these websites to become inspired and start building your own.

1. The Obama Foundation

obama homepage

Barack Obama was a recent American president, and his foundation plays a big part in his current career. The Obama foundation’s official site uses a custom WP theme to showcase everything that the foundation focuses on. The site is simple, intuitive, and straightforward, and is a great example of how to achieve a lot with very little.

  • Website description: President Obama’s legendary foundation.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Custom theme

2. Angry Birds

angry birds homepage

Remember Angry Birds? This game was so popular that almost everyone had it installed on their phones. The official site for the game uses a simple yet colorful custom WordPress theme, featuring the famous birds and pigs from the game. 

  • Website description: Official presentation of the popular game.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Custom theme

3. TechCrunch

techcrunch hp

TechCrunch is perhaps the most popular technology news platform, following all of the latest updates in the tech world. The site features their recognizable green color, which has helped it a lot with brand recognition. On the surface, this custom-themed WP site is actually pretty simple and light.

  • Website description: News and blog about all things technology.
  • Website type: News & blog
  • WordPress theme: TechCrunch (custom)

4. The Cranky Flier

cranky flier hp

This personal blog of Brett Snyder is the place where you’ll find plenty of travel industry news and opinions. The Cranky flier uses Cambay’s theme, and it’s essentially a rather simple blog with an easy-to-navigate user interface. It’s not one of the most stylish sites, but it’s a great example of how WP sites come in all shapes and sizes.  

  • Website description: Travel agent’s blog.
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: Cambay

5. 99U

99u hp

Adobe offers a wide array of tools for creatives, so its blog must appeal to its target customers. 99U is a perfect place for you if you like to do creative digital work. It offers plenty of guides, interviews, and useful articles that can inspire and educate you. The site uses a custom theme.

  • Website description: Adobe’s blog about creativity. 
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: 99U (Custom)

6. Sony Music

sony hp

Sony is one of the most recognizable brands around the globe. It’s also a record label that has a website of its own. WP developers decided to write a custom theme for the site and offer visitors a window into Sony’s featured artists, labels, music videos, and more. Above all, it’s a news website focusing on Sony artists and the company.

  • Website description: Record label’s official presentation.
  • Website type: Homepage & news
  • WordPress theme: Sony Music (Custom)

7. AfterEllen

after ellen hp

AfterEllen is basically a pop culture site that focuses on music, books, sports, lifestyle, movies, and more. There’s just one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd — it’s target audience is lesbians and bisexual women. The site offers intuitive navigation and a great overview of covered topics. It uses the Jannah WP theme.  

  • Website description: News & blog section for lesbians. 
  • Website type: News & blog
  • WordPress theme: Jannah Child

8. The Cool Club

cool club hp

The Cool Club is — well, cool. It’s a cool website featuring great animations and minimalistic design. The site is an online shop that sells various illustrations, and you can put some of them on playing cards. Using a custom theme, The Cool Club is basically black-and-white, paving the way for its colorful products.

  • Website description: Card games and illustrations store.
  • Website type: Online shop
  • WordPress theme: Custom

9. Quartz

qz hp

Quartz is essentially a news platform covering all kinds of topics, including finance and economics, emerging industries, lifestyle, politics, science, and human behavior. It’s a very minimalistic site with a simple color structure. Quartz also uses a custom theme.   

  • Website description: A news site covering a wide range of topics.
  • Website type: News
  • WordPress theme: Custom

10. BBC America

bbc hp

BBC is perhaps the most popular television channel in the world. It also has a huge fanbase in the US, and the official site for the American audiences is built using a custom theme in WordPress. This platform lets you stream some of their featured shows, movies, and series. The design palate is a combination of white, gray, and black. 

  • Website description: Popular UK TV content for American audiences.
  • Website type: Video content 
  • WordPress theme: Custom

11. Dallas Mavericks

mavs hp

The Mavericks are one of two NBA teams from Texas. Their official online presentation is built with the help of a custom WP theme named simply “Mavs”. It’s a must-see site for every fan of the Dallas Mavericks, as it offers plenty of useful information about the franchise, in addition to offering a great online shop. 

  • Website description: Official presentation for the NBA team.
  • Website type: Homepage, shop
  • WordPress theme: MAVS (Custom)

12. Smart Chameleon

smartchameleon hp

Whenever an agency has the word “digital” in its description, you can expect a breathtaking website, and the one that presents Smart Chameleon is no exception. The site uses the Astra theme and features a magnificent yet simple design. You’ll also stumble upon some pretty neat animations that are bound to capture everyone’s attention.

  • Website description: Official presentation for the digital solutions agency Smart Chameleon.
  • Website type: Homepage, portfolio
  • WordPress theme: Astra

13. Flickr Blog

flickr hp

Flickr is one of the most popular photography websites with thousands of contributors from all over the world. It also features a blog based on a custom WP theme, where you can find plenty of photography-related subjects. Overall, the Flickr blog is pretty minimal, but it’s brilliant photos bring it to life.

  • Website description: Official blog for the popular photography website.
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: Custom

14. Usain Bolt

usain bolt hp

Truth be told, Usain Bolt’s official site isn’t one of the best examples out there. But hey — it’s the fastest man in the world, and his site is built using a custom WordPress theme. It might feel a wee bit outdated, but it’s on point, and the website also loads pretty fast — and speed is something that this athlete definitely likes.

  • Website description: Official website of the world’s popular athlete.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Custom theme

15. Reader’s Digest

rd hp

Reader’s Digest will soon celebrate its 100th birthday. There’s no need to offer a lot of details about one of the most popular magazines in the US. Its news site stays true to the brand and covers all of the stories its readers expect. The site uses a simple color structure and is pretty well optimized.

  • Website description: Popular news and blog covering all sorts of topics.
  • Website type: News & blog 
  • WordPress theme: Bumblebee

16. Evernote Blog

evernote hp

Evernote quickly became one of the best task management apps that focuses on taking notes. It’s recognizable green elephant logo blends well with the rest of the site’s design. One page that points out the power of WordPress is Evernote’s blog section, where you can read more about the company, productivity, news, and more.  

  • Website description: Blog section for one of the leading task management apps.
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: Mokka

17. Facebook Newsroom

fbnews hp

Facebook needs no introduction. It’s probably the most visited website after Google. But did you know that the popular platform also has a news section? It’s called Facebook Newsroom, and it features the latest stories related to the company and the platform. Oh, and it uses a custom WordPress theme.

  • Website description: The news section for the world-leading social network.
  • Website type: News
  • WordPress theme: Fbcorp (custom)

18. Studio OUAM

ouam hp

Studio OUAM is a creative agency. Its site combines the power of WordPress with the creative minds from the studio, using simple yet effective design to showcase OUAM’s best work. The site is built on a custom WP theme named after the agency, and it features some really amazing animations. 

  • Website description: Official presentation for a creative agency.
  • Website type: Homepage & portfolio
  • WordPress theme: OUAM (custom)

19. Animal Logic

animal logic hp

As soon as you load the Animal Logic site, you’ll have that “aha” moment. This is the team that worked on many animated & non-animated movies. The site doesn’t shy away from showcasing the Animal Logic team’s skill through scenes from popular movies they worked on. The site might be a bit more “heavy” with all of the video content loading right away, but it’s definitely worth visiting. 

  • Website description: Official presentation for a creative digital studio.
  • Website type: Homepage & portfolio 
  • WordPress theme: AnimalLogic2017 (custom theme)

20. 99% Invisible

99 invisible hp

99% Invisible is a popular podcast that focuses on interesting stories that people usually miss. It’s basically about the things that remain 99% invisible to the public. The podcast is supported by an amazing WordPress site built on a custom theme that covers a wide array of stories.

  • Website description: Official site for a popular podcast.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Custom

21. RUYA

ruya hp

RUYA is a creative digital agency from UAE focusing on branding and other services. The agency’s site is a textbook example of how one such service should present and market itself. It features creative illustrations and cutting-edge animations. It’s true eye-candy (and soul-candy if you’re into the design).

  • Website description: A presentation for a UAE-based creative digital agency.
  • Website type: Homepage & portfolio
  • WordPress theme: Custom

22. Houston Zoo

houston zoo hp

If you’re an animal lover, here’s your daily dose of wildlife. The Houston Zoo is a beautiful place, or at least that’s what I imagine after visiting their site. The zoo’s online presentation is simple and features all of the information a potential visitor needs to get the best possible real-life experience. The site itself isn’t a design wonder but offers just enough to make it onto our list.

  • Website description: Official website for the zoo in Houston.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Houstonzoo-2019 (custom)

23. Unconquered

unconquered hp

Unconquered is a brand agency with a fantastic online presentation. As soon as you land on the site, a video reel will start playing, showcasing some of its work. Although the site might feel flashy initially, it’s actually pretty simple and tells you more about the agency and its work.

  • Website description: Official site for a brand agency.
  • Website type: Homepage, portfolio
  • WordPress theme: Unconquered

24. Nove

nove hp

Nove is an advisory agency, and it also features a magnificent video reel on its homepage displaying cutting-edge design focusing on the agency’s team, services, and stories. You can see right away that they invested a lot of thought into the site’s design and made it both clever and informative. Just browsing the site was a joyous experience for me.

  • Website description: Official website for an advisory agency in communication and public affairs.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Nove (custom)

25. Darren Hardy

darren hardy hp

Darren Hardy is a person who likes to get things done. He’s enthusiastic, a leader, a mentor, and a successful entrepreneur. I didn’t know a single thing about Hardy before I found his site. I only needed one quick glance on the homepage to draw all of these conclusions, and it turns out that I was right. This means that Hardy’s web designers did a good job, and they even used WordPress.

  • Website description: Official presentation for the successful speaker, author, and advisor.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Eighteen tags

26. The Positivity Blog

positivity hp

Positivity and happiness are all that matters in life, and The Positivity Blog is all about that philosophy. This site is so simple and easy to use that I first wondered if the designers tried to do anything innovative. However, not every site needs to be different and creative. Positivity is often related to simplicity, and that’s why this blog made it onto this list.

  • Website description: A blog about positivity, happiness, and more.
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: Custom

27. My Nintendo News

nintendo hp

Nintendo may seem like it’s losing the race to PS and Xbox, but it still has millions of fans worldwide, with many new games regularly being launched. My Nintendo News covers everything a Nintendo enthusiast should know to enjoy the games offered on Nintendo consoles. The site uses a custom WP theme. 

  • Website description: A news site focusing on the Nintendo platforms and their games.
  • Website type: News
  • WordPress theme: Custom

28. Jony Guedj

jony guedj hp

Jony Guedj is a freelance film director, and a rather excellent one, if I might add. I didn’t take long to realize Jony’s genius. All I needed was a couple of seconds on this site and a look at some of the key shots from Guedj’s work. The site is experimental and a bit odd, but that’s the point of it — to be in line with Guedj’s masterpieces.

  • Website description: Official presentation of freelance film director Jony Guedj.
  • Website type: Homepage and portfolio
  • WordPress theme: Custom

29. Awesome Motive

awesome motive hp

To be honest, I enjoyed learning about what Awesome Motive is offering. As soon as I landed on their site, I just wanted to enjoy the outstanding design, artwork, and animations. It’s one of those sites that I could spend hours admiring, as the developers and designers did an outstanding job using a custom WP theme. 

  • Website description: Official presentation for a popular software company.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Awesome Motive Theme (custom)

30. Windows Blog

windows blog hp

Let’s be honest, not many Windows users think, “I should check the blog for this amazing Operating System (OS)” when they buy a PC with this popular Microsoft product. Still, here’s a unique opportunity to admire the wonders that people can do with WordPress. The non-invasive approach to design will make the blog feel like a natural part of your Windows 10.

  • Website description: Official blog page for the most popular OS in the world.
  • Website type: Blog
  • WordPress theme: Microsoft Stories (custom)

31. Rafael Nadal Fans

nadal fans hp

Rafael Nadal is, according to many tennis fans, one of the best players that have ever lived. He has a massive army of die-hard fans. This great website made it onto our list and is dedicated to Rafa and his fans. The site focuses on news about the popular player and uses a WP theme called Apostrophe 2.

  • Website description: Fan website for the popular tennis player.
  • Website type: News
  • WordPress theme: Apostrophe 2

32. Spaces With Harmony

spaces with harmony hp

I noticed that interior designers pay special attention to their websites. In a way, designing the site is pretty much designing the interior of your screen. In other words, websites offer a great opportunity for interior designers to showcase their skills. Spaces With Harmony is one such site, and it’s based on the Divi theme, which is one of the most popular WP themes.

  • Website description: Site for an interior design service.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Divi

33. The Global Church Project

global church project hp

The Global Church project is the main online presentation for a global Christianity effort. The site uses a very interesting color palette and offers compelling design and artwork featuring church buildings from all over the world. The site is created with the Divi theme. 

  • Website description: Official website for the Centre for the Research of Global Christianity.
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Divi

34. Parallax Photographic Co-op

parallax photographic hp

If you’re into analog photography, Parallax Photographic Co-op might help you with locating the necessary equipment, such as film, paper, and other accessories. This site features a simple yet effective design, and it’s built with the help of a WP theme called Kalium.

  • Website description: Film, paper, and related chemistry online store.
  • Website type: Online photography shop
  • WordPress theme: Kalium

35. Saga Museum

saga hp

Saga Museum features recreations of popular Icelandic characters and events. If you’re into history, you’ll definitely enjoy visiting this property, and its official online presentation will provide all of the necessary info for the best possible experience. Saga Museum’s website is also created with Kalium. 

  • Website description: Official site for a popular history museum. 
  • Website type: Homepage
  • WordPress theme: Kalium


Even though it’s comprehensive, my list didn’t even scratch the surface, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other great WordPress sites available online that you can check out for inspiration. Still, I hope that I helped you to understand the real power of WordPress and its themes. 

Hopefully, browsing the sites listed above got your creative juices flowing. If that’s the case, I encourage you to start your WordPress adventure and create a website that will blow your visitors away. 

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