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When you start a new business, you will start connecting with people. You will need to receive and send emails, make phone calls, manage products and services, etc. In the very beginning when things still go slow, you probably won’t feel the need for managing your contacts. We can understand that; if you have just started your blog and worked with just ten people, you probably know all the details about them. Even if you forget someone’s email address, you can easily track it down in your inbox.

But what happens when you expand your contact list and start working with hundreds if not thousands of people? In that case, you need to manage your contacts and having a contact database plugin for WordPress will make things much easier.

Depending on the business, computer system you use, and even what CMS you have chosen, there are different software solutions at your disposal. You already know that we’re all about WordPress, so we found the best option for managing contacts in our beloved platform.

WP Contacts

PRICE: $30

WP Contacts

WP Contacts is a premium contact database plugin for WordPress that lets you manage everything from the front end. Instead of arranging the fields in a database and managing users through a hard-to-understand back-end interface, you can do everything from a simple WordPress page. Not only this makes contact management easier, but it looks amazing at the same time!

There are almost five hundred happy customers who say all the best about this premium plugin. If you want to manage your contacts through a WordPress site, we are sure you will become a part of this community. Let us show you why we recommend this plugin.

Customize your contact database plugin for WordPress

After the simple installation, you are just a few steps away from creating your first contact database. Give it a name, create a new page that will display contacts, and you are ready to go.

Even without scanning all the available settings, this fantastic contact database plugin for WordPress will get you covered. You can start customizing the front page. Choose fields which you want to show, and arrange them as you wish. The developers have created a fantastic drag and drop builder so you can relax and play with the fields. Want to show the last name before the first name? Just drag and drop it on the location. Don’t want to show the ID? Just remove the field from the page. You get the point – it’s super easy to handle the database.

WP Contacts manage front page

You can have as many fields as you like, and you also get to customize them. Create everything that you need to know about a contact, rename the fields and you’ll have a personalized contact database in just a few minutes. You can create the following types of fields:

  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Google Maps link
  • Date time
  • Rating
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • Group title

As you can see from the list, your options are numberless. Don’t forget that you get to filter your contacts by the new fields. That means that you can quickly find all people or businesses you rated with five stars, those with a particular description or phone number, for example. WP Contacts gives you everything you might need for a contact database. Don’t forget to check out the demo and take a look at the video tutorials.

Furthermore, you can make the database private or show it online for anybody who opens the page. Choose colors, upload your own logo and default user images, decide how the plugin will sort your contacts, enable calendars and events… we told you, options are numberless!

Quickly import and export a contact database

WP Contacts export

Don’t worry; you won’t have to retype all of your contacts in the database manually. If you already have a contact list in CSV or Excel’s tabular data, you can import all information with a simple click!

Similarly, you can export the database in the same formats so that you can use it elsewhere. Want contacts in a MailChimp list? Why not – this premium contact database plugin for WordPress will let you connect to your MailChimp account via API and allow you to upload the info in a list. We would still like to see additional autoresponders on the list next to MailChimp.

But if you need more, you should know about the Zapier extension for WP Contacts which will let you connect your contact database to more than 750 apps!

Capture leads with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms

Marketers love capturing leads, and that’s why it is important that a contact database plugin for WordPress can easily integrate with form builders. The developers of WP Contacts know that, and that’s why they allowed you to quickly connect the plugin with some of the most popular builders like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.

All you have to do in order to capture leads directly in your new contact database is to associate the form fields with the ones in your database, and the plugin will do the rest.

Take a look at valuable and gorgeous statistics page

When you start working with a large number of contacts, you will need to know how many contacts came from a specific source. You will want to know which user added the contact or the date when you added entries. You can know all that simply by opening the statistics page from the front end menu.

WP Contacts statistics

This contact database plugin for WordPress will show you beautifully designed charts and graphs that will teach you something about your contact database.

Additionally, WP Contacts will monitor everything that’s happening on the front end. If you open the Logging page, you will be able to see all the events that have happened. Want to know who changed something in the database? You will get the username, event, details, and even the IP address of the user. This is a fantastic feature that lets you relax when working in a larger team.

It’s a multi-user system

WP Contacts allows multiple WordPress users to work on the database. As the admin, you get to manage permissions for each of the users. So, for example, you can allow only yourself to have full access to the contact database while limiting others to have no access at all, read only or allowing them to manage own leads only.

WP Contacts takes care of everything

It’s frustrating to lose a database that you’ve been operating for months. Just like you should always backup WordPress, you should also backup your contact database. WP Contacts makes this easy. By a single click of a button, you get to create a backup of any database you create. Similarly, you can restore a backup and even reset a database to its defaults.

We loved working with WP Contacts. After trying out the plugin and integrating it with WordPress, it’s hard to imagine your contacts in some other database. Since everything is so easy to manage and you get the unlimited number of contacts and databases to work with, integration with popular form builders and MailChimp, it’s a plugin that every marketer who works with WordPress should consider installing.

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