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If you’re still not familiar with the abbreviation, this is the perfect time to learn more about CRM. Customer Relationship Management is something you probably already do if you run any kind of business. It’s an approach that you use to deal with current and future customers and clients. Although you can think of CRM as a business practice, in the modern world, when you see the abbreviation, it’s usually tightly connected to a software.

CRM software isn’t a new thing. There are many popular ones you can use on your local computers, and maybe even a bigger number of those online ones that make things even easier. But what about WordPress?

Today, we’re not going to lose time to show you all CRM plugins that you might use, but instead, we’re about to show you the best one. As the plugin is still new on the scene, we’re happy that we have a chance to introduce it to you.

Zero BS WordPress CRM


There are a lot of developers who claim their plugins are simple & easy to use. But once you get your hands on that particular plugin, more often than not you get disappointed. So, after checking Zero BS WordPress CRM, we decided to take things slowly. It’s a CRM, so we expected a complicated software disguised as a straightforward plugin. We prepared ourselves for confusing settings and customer management… oh, could have we been any more wrong?!

Instead of a complicated system, we encountered one of the best and the most straightforward WordPress CRM plugins.

At WP Loop, we don’t like to overcomplicate things. We like our software as simple as possible, we want websites to be a clean as possible. But at the same time, we want that piece of software and those websites to have every feature that user needs. And that’s something hard to accomplish. Yet, Zero BS WordPress CRM did it!

Unique setup

If you have any WP experience, you know how to install a plugin. Click here, click there, and you have an active plugin ready for your site. The same goes for Zero BS WordPress CRM. But there was a pleasant surprise – after the installation, plugin immediately took over and guided us through the setup!

Zero BS WordPress CRM installation and setup

Through only four simple steps, Zero BS allowed to us to fill in the info about our company, customers, and it showed us powerful extensions available for the plugin. So, even without going to the Settings page, you can have your new WordPress CRM personalized in details. The plugin even lets you choose the way the menu works so you won’t have to rearrange the admin menu by yourself. Simply amazing!

Complete control over CRM

After the initial setup, you will notice two menus leading to Zero BS WordPress CRM. One will let you manage settings, while the other one holds the dashboard. This panel will connect you to customers, quotes, invoices, transactions, and other relevant modules. This is the place where you will also find extensions to the plugin.

Customers & Companies

Adding new customers couldn’t be easier. By opening the dashboard or directly accessing the clients panel, you can add new customer just like any posts in WordPress. The developers of Zero BS created custom post types for you, so you can relax and worry about your business. Just click on the button, and you’ll be ready to fill in the data about your customer.

You can also import clients by uploading a CSV file, collecting information through Gravity Forms or directly getting the info from PayPal and WooCommerce.

If default info about customers isn’t enough for you, you can easily create new fields and personalize the plugin to your needs. It’s easy; have information in your mind? Add the field, and never forget to add that specific data you need for your customers!

You don’t have to create new WordPress user for each client you add.

You get to tag customers, as well, so you can sort them by business type or any other criteria. We shouldn’t forget the option to search customers (hopefully, you’ll have that many customers that it won’t be easy to find them just by taking a glance at the table).

The new B2B mode allows you to add entire companies into the database.


Zero BS WordPress CRM quotes

Handling quotes with WordPress have never been easier. Let’s say that you have a new customer that you’ve added to the database. Now you’re ready to send a quote. You don’t have to open your email app; Zero BS will let you do the whole thing through WordPress.

Choose a customer by typing the name (the plugin has a nice autocomplete feature here), write the title, and the most important info like the value and dates. By creating the quote, you’ll be able to select a template which will automatically generate a quote page for you. Now, you can email proposal directly to the customer, or you can copy a link to a special page created for that quote.

The page will even have a simple form that will allow your client to fill in the email address in order to accept the proposal. This is something you will use on an everyday basis, we guarantee.

Invoices & Transactions

Hopefully, quotes will lead to sales, and you will need to create invoices. This is another module that this fantastic WordPress CRM includes for free. As with the previous module, you’re just a few clicks away from generating an invoice.

Upload the logo, attach files if needed, and fill out the necessary information about the purchase. After that, you can attach the invoice to a customer you already have in the database, and quickly send the invoice via email.

Save the invoice, send it to a client or let him see it through the Client Portal.

If you get the Invoicing PRO extension, you’ll be able to add a new feature to the Client Portal and allow users to pay bills with PayPal or Stripe.

The Transactions module lets you make notes about money flow. After the customer pays, fill in the details and assign a customer to the transaction. Don’t be lazy; it will be much easier to work if you take note of transactions as well.

Let customer access the Client Portal

With the latest version, the developers of Zero BS introduced the Client Portal. This module allows your customers to log into your site in order to see details about invoices and transactions.

Instead of sending lost invoices and trying to explain the details, give your customer access to their own dashboard. Just point them to, give them username and password, and your clients will be able to get all the necessary info. It’s a fantastic feature you just have to have when dealing with a larger number of clients.

Mighty Extensions

Most things we described earlier is just the free version of Zero BS WordPress CRM. Yes, you can have the entire system for free. But before you settle for that, take a look at the premium extension that will be a must-have for many of you.

CSV Importer PRO – Import your existing customer via a CSV file
Gravity Forms – Use the popular plugin to collect leads directly to Zero BS
Invoicing PRO – Let customers pay through the Customer Portal by using PayPal and Stripe
Mail Campaigns – Contact customers more easily
PayPal Sync – Retrieve customers’ data from PayPal
Sales Dashboard – Track Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, and Customer Growth
Woo Sync – Retrieve customer’s info from WooCommerce

Special Bundles

Guys at Zero BS are currently offering three special packages that will be interesting to anyone who’s looking for a perfect WordPress CRM solution. Freelancer Bundle gives you access to Invoicing Pro, Gravity Forms, and Mail Campaigns extensions for as little as $99 per year!

For $199 per year, you will get Entrepreneur’s Bundle which gives you access to all the extensions and all future extensions to use on one site. If you want to promote the CRM with all extensions to your clients, there is a Reseller Bundle which you can get for $499 per year. This gives you a white label solution which you can rebrand and sell to your clients.

When you start thinking about CRM to implement into your WordPress site, this is the plugin you will want. If you don’t believe us, take a few minutes and try out Zero BS WordPress CRM. We guarantee that you will love the simplicity and features this amazing plugin offers.

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