About Us

We’ve seen and done it all and came together to start First Site Guide because we believe in the web for everyone. We can help you start a personal or business blog/site, a place to show your hobbies, offer advice to others or just to share personal stories, pictures and videos.
The web is a great place to be and make new connections from all parts of the world or just your own neighborhood. Buy, sell, share your hobby passion or just educate and entertain. We want you to be a part of it, and we can help you to get there with our useful resources and easy to follow step-by-step Free guides.
Once we get you there, don’t forget to check back in for news, advice, social media and marketing articles to help you navigate the digital highway. Bookmark us, like us, follow us and we’ll be your digital information source. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.

Meet our dedicated team

Ogi Djuraskovic
Ogi Djuraskovic — The guy behind FirstSiteGuide
Ogi is a web enthusiast with a passion to help more people get on the web by starting their own blog or a business website.
Marco Mijatovic

Marco Mijatovic — Social media and marketing guru
Marco will help you understand the power and reach social media for your blog or website. Follow us on Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook to see what he's got for web enthusiasts of all levels.
Anja Skrba
Anja Skrba — Content creation manager

To learn more about content creation, blog monetization and how to choose the right niche for your blog or a website - Anja is your girl! She can help you put your website vision to realization the easiest possible way!
Bradley Barks
Bradley Barks — Video tutorial production manager
You'll enjoy his easy to follow videos that take you through the easy setup process to get your blog or website online faster than you could ever imagine.
Artem Minayev
Artem Minayev — Web hosting expert
With 10 years of experience in web hosting and the world of online in general, Artem will be able to help you understand everything you need to know about web hosting and clear some of the beginner`s misconceptions.
Nick Colakovic
Dereck Gligorijevic — Blogging expert
Wherever you may be in your journey, Dereck is willing to assist you in making a beautiful online home for your next big adventure!
Duke Vukadinovic
Duke Vukadinovic — Online marketing expert
Duke is passionate about the Internet world and can be of great help to web newbies build many successful blogs in various niches.
Peter Vukcevic
Peter Vukcevic — Website development expert
Peter is a web development expert with the focus to assist web newcomers get found online and be successful on a crowded web.
Ines Pljakic
Ines Pljakic — Inbound marketing specialist
Ines can help you with the process of coming up with creative ideas for your inbound strategy, as well as distributing it to your targeted audience.
Jumbo the Frenchie
Jumbo The Frenchie — Pet blogger
Jumbo's main duty is to keep his colleagues eyes wide open, to make sure they don't fall asleep on rainy days while they're helping other people enter the online world. He snorts a lot when excited (beginning of the work day) and snores a lot when relaxed (end of the work day).
The gang at FirstSiteGuide.com