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Choosing a name for your blog or website is not a simple decision, and once you select the name, there is no going back. Also, it’s difficult as a large number of names are already taken and more likely that you’ll have to give up on your initial blog name idea. Finally, the name can play a significant role in your blog’s success and online visibility. That means you shouldn’t pick a random available name because you do not consider it a big deal.

In the following article, we are going to provide you with some suggestions on how to make this decision on choosing a domain name easier. We will discuss which points you need to focus on when coming up with a blog name, and we will provide examples of good blog names.

Define your niche and main topics

Before you start creating a blog, you will have to define its niche. Avoid topics that are too general, because readers nowadays prefer specific content over some general facts. Furthermore, by selecting a particular niche, you should be able to find out at least one word that you are going to use in your blog’s name.

The reason why the niche should be a part of the name is rather simple. It tells people that they have come to the right place and it helps your blog to gain more visibility. If a particular term that people use in their search query is also a part of your blog’s name, then it is more likely that it will appear on the search results page.

What do people usually associate with your niche?

Another criteria for picking a good name is to ask yourself: ”What do people usually associate with my niche?” In other words, is your niche something that entertains people or helps people find valuable information. Usually, blog names have two, three, or even more, words combined to make up their name. If the first word needs to be the name of your niche or the main topic of discussion on your blog, the second one should be the first association to that niche.

Find some adjectives that would describe you and your style

It would be a good idea to find a suitable adjective and include it in the name as well. The adjective should connect with the style of your blog. For example, if you are creating simple tips that people can follow, then you could use the word “easy” in your blog name idea. If you are creating detail oriented guides, you could use words like “comprehensive” or “accurate,” or even “careful.” In fact, it doesn’t have to be an adjective per se, but a word that can elaborate what your blog is all about. That means that even a good metaphor will be up to the task to fill this role. You should also take advantage of the blog name generator tools such as Bust a Name which offers various filtering tools that will help you find the right domain name for your blogging needs.

Take a look at the types of names that successful blogs from your niche use

Since we have pretty much covered the basics of how to come up with blog name ideas, it would be good to see how other famous blogs put these tips to practice.

Lifehacker – A blog about tips for life and how to make it easier.
Techcrunch – A blog about technology, niche related news, and reviews.
Zen Habits – A blog about how to learn self-discipline and improve your organization.
Brain Pickings – A blog that helps artists like writers get inspiration.
Search Engine Land – A blog where readers can get informed about SEO trends and techniques and how search engines work.
Listverse – A blog that creates insightful top 10 lists on various topics.
Android Authority – A blog that deals with topics related to Android devices, apps, phones, and gadgets, etc.
Gamespot – A blog about video games that does reviews, news, walkthroughs, etc.
Sports Blog – A blog about sports that has categories like (NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, and Nascar)
Archilovers – A blog about architecture and real estate.

As you can see, based on these names, the niche, and the topics of these blogs, they are pretty self-explanatory. So, when you are creating your own blog’s name, try to follow these examples.

Brainstorm some creative word combinations and quirky phrases

Now that you know everything you need to come up with a name for your blog, you should have a brainstorming session and come up with a list of names. Feel free to be creative, funny, catchy, and quirky. Once you have the list, see which of those names are available as website names. Check if there are websites that have a very similar name. It’s not a good idea to have an almost identical name to another site because users can mix them up.

Recommended tool: Domain Name Checker

Weed out names that don’t convey your core values

Once you cross out the names that are not available, sit down and think about which of the remaining names on the list are best suited for your blog. Take all the aforementioned suggestions into consideration. How does the name convey your core values? Does it correspond to your style? Is it catchy and easy to remember? If you are having trouble deciding, ask for a second opinion from your friends and family. Find out which of these names they like the most in general.


We hope, this article will come in handy if you are struggling to come up with a good name and to stand by that decision with confidence.

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