10 Ways to Improve Comments on Your WordPress Website

Comments might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re starting a blog. But sooner or later, you will want to improve the system and make commenting process easier & better both for admins and users who decide to reply to your articles. So, in this guide, we have decided to group together […]

How to Add a Copyright Notice in WordPress

Almost every website that you find on the Internet will have a copyright notice which gives basic information about the site. Even though the law has changed and placing a copyright symbol won’t actually protect your work, there is an unwritten rule for web designers to put a notice in the footer of the website […]

CatsWhoCode – WordPress and Web Development Insights

Hi Jean! For those of our readers who’re just starting with WordPress, can you provide a brief overview of what CatsWhoCode is all about? Hi! I created CatsWhoCode back in 2008, to provide a resource for web development, design and WordPress. It’s a website for people who make websites! What would be the fastest way […]

The Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2017

It has been a long time since WordPress was a simple blogging platform. Through years, the talented developers all over the world have been adding features and improving the CMS. The other ones have been developing extensions and themes that allow everyone to create a site of their dreams. Some of those eCommerce developers imagined WordPress […]

WPMatic – WordPress Maintenance Center by Marcel Sobieski

Marcel, you’ve established yourself as an expert in WordPress area. Can you explain in more details, what WPMatic actually is, basically, what do you guys do? WPMatic.io is a white label 360 degrees 1-on-1 support and development center for any website issue, from installation, migration, backups, performance optimization, updates, to individual customization and site’s security. […]

The 15 Best Premium WordPress Themes to Buy in 2017

WordPress themes can be easily segmented into two primary groups. There are those you can download and use for free, and those premium ones that you have to pay for. Although not always the case, premium themes are usually better. They are better coded, pack numberless extra features, and you even get professional support for them. […]

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Website

Whether it is a blog, simple personal website or business portfolio that you are building with WordPress, you are doing it for a reason. You want people to be able to get to the content that you have presented online. Without the audience, your web project doesn’t serve its purpose. So one way or another, […]

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