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  1. Ive had a website for two years now with them that I didn’t do anything with since I set it up. It basically just cost me 18 bucks a year for the last couple years.

    After the last year went by and I still didn’t do anything with it I decided I wanted to cancel it and I just happened to remember on the same day they were going to charge me for the next year. So I go to my domains and i find the one I want to cancel, and I try to find the option to cancel it, and there is no option. Only a button that says payment method or option or something like that. And I click on that and it takes me to a page that talks about my payment plan, how much I’m paying, when it renews on etc. I can’t find any way to manually cancel my plan. All I see is an option to click on that says “contact support to cancel and get refund.” I saw that I had 48 hours after renewal to cancel my plan and get refunded. So I contact support and tell them exactly what I want. This was two weeks ago. They never contacted me back. They charged me the 18 bucks for the year and never refunded me or even contacted me back, nor did they cancel my domain. I went back a couple weeks ago, right after the 48 hour refund period expired, and only after it was too late to cancel and get the refund, only then, and immediately after, as if by magic was there the option to manually cancel my domain. Only after it was too late to stop them from taking my money or get it back, could I cancel it by myself. And if you try to contact them before, these WEASLES will be nowhere to be found. im pretty sure any idiot should be able to tell what they Are doing here. I want to know if anyone else has also experienced this with them. Needless to say I won’t be using them for anything ever again. They are crooks who weasle their way out out of their end of the deal, hide away instead of keeping their promises… And don’t expect you to notice and expect you to still want to use their service DO NOT USE THEM
    They should be taken off the internet!!!

  2. Beware that WordPress has a 30-day cancellation policy.
    If you wish to cancel your subscription you must notify them at least 30 days in advance or they will automatically renew you and charge your credit card.
    Don’t learn this the hard way.

  3. I am a complete newbie at blogging so thought would be what I need as it is said my many people to be the best. However, I need a simple personal blog which WordPress is definitely not. Anybody like myself that is just looking for a simple blog to reach out to people of similar interests should avoid WordPress. I haven’t figured out which to use yet but I wasted $38.95 on WordPress when what I want will probably be free or just a few dollars.

  4. I don’t actually use wordpress, I use weebly. However I had to contact wordpress following the death of a close family member. I submitted a death certificate and 2 forms of photographic id but they were rude and insensitive about needing a further legal document to gain password access to the site, even though all I asked for was a page containing sensitive information to be removed. Eventually they said their policy was to make the whole site private (not one page) and they did this. But they were rude and upsetting. This was weeks after losing a family member to suicide by hanging. I can’t believe these people are called ‘happiness engineers’. I am disgusted and I would never use them for own personal or business needs.

  5. is an embarrassment. In terms of cost, they are x5 more expensive, in terms of customization they offer nil, in terms of customer service, it’s extremely slow. In terms of fancy designs, sure plenty, but that’s how they real you in by making you pay enormous sums upfront for cheap, low-scale, poorly supported, zero customized web design. You’re better designing your own. The WordPress software platform itself is ingenious and great but should not be in business and the fact that they pay people to write positive reviews is sure news that they are more than likely, nothing but maunders and thieves in the wasteland of the Internet.

    In summary:

    A horrible service
    They get you by the balls with pretty designs but zero versatility, even preventing you from uploading simple HTML files
    They watermark their shit all over your website, good luck running a business of any respectable sort
    They prevent even simple Paypal buttons

    If you want a simple blog and want to pay x10 to x15 more than you would with cheaper providers, go for But if you don’t want to be ripped off, please stay away from these half-ass

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