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2 user reviews about Arvixe

  1. There was a time when Arvixe was great (thus the positive reviews of years ago), and I moved all of my websites to their platform, but after they were bought out things changed dramatically to the point where I moved everything away from them. I wrote my story about the problems they gave me in another place, but there is another issue I will address at this point.

    Five days ago I received an email invoice from them telling me that they were going to charge me for another year. I wrote them back and explained that I no longer used their service so the invoice can be cancelled. I had previously allowed them to take my hosting charges from Paypal and despite my email they took my money anyway.

    I was able to get someone on chat and they were unapologetic. It was explained to me that they did not refund money for “old accounts” (this contact was literally hours after my money was taken) and my only option was to log into my portal and make the request there. If accepted, I would receive credit, not a refund.

    Fortunately, Paypal returned my money and I guess they will deal with Arvixe. So if you decide to be drawn in the low monthly charge (the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here) then understand that there could be grief down the road. My recommendation is that you look through reviews to find a company that does not have experiences such as mine, and they despite what you end up choosing, the company could be eventually bought out and things could turn sour (this was my second experience of this happening).

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