How to Start a Music Teacher Website

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    Creating a website for your private music lesson business is an invaluable investment into yourself and your future. Affordable on any budget, putting yourself online is a business decision that will last and grow, building momentum over time as you gain popularity in your field. By putting your business online, you also open the doors to easily attaining a social media presence, even if that simply means your students share your site on their Facebook or publish a recommendation on their blog. This free advertising comes hand in hand with a strong, well-made website, something this guide will make.

By building your own website, you’ll automatically be pushing yourself to the top of the list for potential new students looking for a great music teacher. A strong and attractive online presence makes you more visible than the hundreds of other music teachers who haven’t had a chance to make a website and proves your professionalism and credibility in just a click. A website also appeals to a younger, new demographic who will help build a loyal customer base that will last, whereas an analog advertisement would most likely attract an older audience who may not have children or a long-term desire for lessons.

In this guide you will find important technical information like:

And of course the fun part: building, designing and maintaining your very own website!

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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Own Website Online

What you will find in our Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Own Website is a blueprint that covers everything from understanding what type of website you need and choosing a domain name, to the finishing touches that will help you launch your website successfully.

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Getting started: Step-by-step website setup process


Action steps:

1. Get a domain & hosting

Sign up for a reliable hosting account to get started. Only $2.75/mth.

2. Install WordPress CMS

Follow the easy 1-click install process.

3. Your website is live

Welcome to the web, you can start your online journey instantly.


Recommended WP themes

Free themes

Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme iis a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Powerful but simple Theme Options for full CMS control.

Sunrise Theme

Sunrise Theme was designed with simplicity in mind, so setting it up should be a pretty straight-forward process for everybody.The theme comes with features that you can control easily via our user-friendly.

Byblos Theme

Byblos Theme is a responsive full width slider theme perfect for bloggers, freelancers, photographers, musicians and creative agencies. Byblos has a vertical menu layout, and masonry grid tiles for the music blog.

Premium themes

Harmony Theme

Harmony Theme is a versatile WordPress theme for bands and musicians. This theme has all of the features that a band would need, including the ability to play songs, handle events, upload photo galleries and sell merchandise.

Total Theme

Total Theme is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme designed to be customized. The theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind like music teacher bloggers.

Music School WordPress

Music School WordPress is a responsive website template that’s pre-built and ready for your content. Ideal for music schools or any music teacher who wants to create a professional online presence.


Recommended Music Teacher
blog plugins

Disqus commenting system – independent commenting system

Sensai – enables online lessons

The Events Calendar – shows upcoming events

Digg Digg – a floating bar of popular social media sharing options

Link Manager – your blogroll management

Subscription options – a roundup of your online presence

Google Analytics – tracks site traffic

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