Top 10 Udemy Statistics Everyone Should Know in 2023

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 4th, 2023
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Top 10 Udemy Statistics Everyone Should Know in 2023

Udemy is one of the largest online learning platforms on the web. It gathers together millions of students and eLearners and offers more than 185,000 eCourses at affordable rates. While there are many other similar eLearning platforms, Udemy is the only platform with such a vast selection of personalized courses. 

The platform offers plenty of eLearning options, and each course provides a pleasant user experience. Udemy service exists to help internet users, both ordinary and corporate, learn new things, develop better skills, uncover top business ideas, and tap into various course formats that provide knowledge according to students’ learning needs and preferences. 

In addition, the platform offers a variety of courses for free, with only the specialized ones requiring payment. Prices vary from course to course, depending on the type of material.

Each student receives a Udemy certificate for completing their course. However, the Udemy certificates aren’t officially accepted by global employers. 

Udemy offers a range of advantages for students, such as:

  • Access to downloadable content that students can download for free at any time;
  • Offline access to paid eLearning content;
  • Access to more than 5,000 different corporate online learning sessions; and
  • The option to request a free demo of a course before joining.

If you want to learn how to start a business online, Udemy is an excellent online learning platform to use.

Interesting Udemy Statistics

  • Udemy has over 49 million users worldwide.
  • The Udemy eLearning platform offers access to more than 185K video courses.
  • The lowest cost Udemy course is available for $25.
  • The Udemy platform has 64K instructors from around the world on staff and offers video courses in more than 75 languages.
  • This platform has gathered more than 680 million course enrollments so far.

Top 10 Udemy statistics for 2023

Udemy offers access to a range of practical learning experiences. With that in mind, here are the most important Udemy stats to help you discover if this eLearning platform offers what you’re looking for. 

1. The Udemy eLearning platform has over 49 million learners worldwide.

As of December 2021, the Udemy online learning platform is home to more than 49 million students from all parts of the world.


2. Through the Udemy eLearning platform, students receive access to more than 185,000 online courses.

According to a December 2021 study, Udemy offers access to 185K+ online video courses. Many of these courses are available for free.

how many courses are available on Udemy


3. Udemy has 64K professional online instructors on staff.

With more than 64,000 instructors teaching on the platform, Udemy offers access to the largest online depository of knowledge on the web.


4. Udemy offers access to a vast selection of online courses in more than 75 languages.

Its language diversification is the best proof of how effective and useful Udemy is. This eLearning platform offers online courses in more than 75 languages.


5. The Udemy online learning platform has had more than 680 million course enrollments so far.

The latest statistics indicate that the platform has received more than 680 million course enrollments to date. The platform has developed one of the largest online communities on the web that continues to grow daily.


6. Udemy is home to more than 10,500 enterprise learners.

According to the latest statistics, the Udemy eLearning platform is home to more than 10.5K corporate students. The platform is designed to help employees from various industries become better, more knowledgeable, and skilled in their professions.


7. According to the Udemy business team, students prefer browsing the Udemy surging skill content by industry.

The Udemy business team studies learning trends on the platform to provide valuable insights into the most popular eLearning preferences. According to their investigations, employees from all over the world prefer online courses about retail, financial services, and network cybersecurity, achieving a 190% increase in goal setting.

Udemy courses that focus on these matters have helped employees from these industries to achieve significant growth. Enrollment in these courses has shown notable increases:

  • 117% increase in network security;
  • 152% increase in financial services; and
  • 190% increase in retail goal setting.


8. According to research about the top surging tech skills on Udemy, the consumption of Udemy tech skills has increased between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.

Udemy students are increasingly consuming online courses that allow them to develop the best, most wanted, and surging tech skills. Dapp has drawn the most attention and achieved a 600% increase in consumption during that period.

Here is a list of the most wanted online courses teaching the highest-paying tech skills right now:

  • DApp (600% increase in enrollment);
  • Binance (450% increase in enrollment);
  • Openstack Cloud (444% increase in enrollment);
  • FastAPI (304% increase in enrollment);
  • Microsoft MB-300 (300% increase in enrollment);
  • Cloud Architecture (285% increase in enrollment);
  • Warehouse Management (276% increase in enrollment);
  • Windows 11 (251% increase in enrollment);
  • Certified Cloud (208% increase in enrollment); and
  • Excel Modeling (204% increase in enrollment).
most popular udemy tech skills


9. The Udemy Business team performs various studies to measure the platform’s learning performance, and their findings indicate that procrastination, conversation, and charisma are among the top 10 surging power skills on the platform.

The studies that the Udemy Business team performs every month are the best proof of how popular and useful Udemy online courses can be.

Between Q1 2021 and Q4 2022, the top ten most popular online courses about surging power skills included Efficiency (98%), Personal Success (92%), Goal Achievement (83%), Passive Income (66%), Energy Management (53%), Thai Language (52%), Work Life Balance (44%), Sign Language (44%), Decluttering  (42%), Coaching (41%).


10. According to Udemy’s research on the most popular subjects and consumption surges by country, Microsoft Power Automate was the most popular topic in Japan in 2021.

The Udemy Business team gathered data about the most-watched online courses by country. Their data indicated that Microsoft Power Automate was the most popular topic in Japan in 2021. This subject achieved the highest topic consumption percentage (889%). 

Here is a list of the most popular topics with the highest consumption by country:

  • Canada – Cucumber Software (208%);
  • UK – AWS (202%);
  • India – Oracle Fusion HCM (712%);
  • USA – Cloud Architecture (285%);
  • Netherlands – Hibernate (190%);
  • South Korea – Unity (220%); 
  • Mexico – User Experience Design (165%);
  • Germany – Sass (152%);
  • Indonesia – React (168%);
  • Brazil – Network infrastructure (201%);
  • France – Statistics (103%);
  • Japan – Coaching (830%);
  • Argentina – Smart Contracts (161%);
  • Spain – Next.js (78%);
  • Australia – Swift (215%).
most popular udemy topics by country



We hope that these statistics prove why Udemy is the most effective and diverse online learning platform. Remember that with Udemy you can learn many useful and new things, develop new skills, and discover how to use the power of the internet in the most lucrative way.

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