15 Astounding Amazon Web Services Statistics

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 9th, 2023
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15 Astounding Amazon Web Services Statistics

Amazon is one of the leading companies in the world. It consists of numerous businesses and companies specializing in different spheres. Amazon covers numerous fields of interest, from streaming platforms to home security, TV shows, and e-book apps. One of the earliest Amazon creations (established in 2002), Amazon Web Services, may be one of the most prosperous companies.

This business is one of the most robust and fastest-growing Amazon businesses that deals with cloud products. It is one of the first companies that have introduced cloud computing systems to the world. 

Read ahead if you want to discover more amazing facts about this company. 

Top 15 AWS Statistics 

Since Amazon Web Services is one of the oldest cloud computing companies, with a long tradition of life-changing situations. To learn more about the company, check out some interesting facts below. 

1. AWS has around 50 million active websites

Amazon Web Services is currently one of the leading website owners, nearing 50 million active websites. 

Source: BuiltWith

2. Over 23% of the top million websites use AWS

Over 23% of the internet’s top million websites use AWS for their cloud computing services. 

Source: BuiltWith

3. Over 4 million USA websites utilize Amazon Web Services

In the USA, around 4 million websites use Amazon Web Services. To put it into perspective, you can go to Buenos Aires, give every citizen a website, and still have spare change. 

Source: BuiltWith

4. A business leader: over 3.2 million renowned companies, such as Airbnb and Disney, use AWS

Many major companies, such as Airbnb, Adobe, Pfizer, and Disney, use AWS. The total number of companies that use this platform worldwide exceeds 3.2 million. 

Source: Enlyft

5. 67 million websites worldwide use Amazon’s hosting services

Around 6% of all websites worldwide use Amazon for web hosting services. That is more than 67 million websites! 

Source: W3Techs

6. A security geek: 1.5% of all websites that use reverse proxies love AWS

Websites that use reverse proxies want to protect their valuables from potential threats. Out of all the websites that use this proxy type, around 6% are Amazon CloudFront users, which is around 1.5% of all websites. 

Source: W3Techs

7. A DNS giant: 5% of all websites carry Amazon’s name

Websites need domain name services for the best performance, and Amazon is one of the most reliable providers. The fact that around 5% of all websites use Amazon as their DNS server provider proves the statement above. 

Source: W3Techs

8. Communication is key: Amazon is an email service provider for 0.6% of all websites

Many corporations and websites use emails as their primary source of communication. Amazon is an e-mail service provider for 0.6% of these websites. 

Source: W3Techs

9. In the fast lane: Amazon has a 64 million monthly traffic

Amazon has a lot of monthly traffic, but it constantly exceeds everyone’s expectations. For example, Amazon’s traffic last month exceeded 64 million. 

Source: Similarweb

10. Influence the influencers: websites such as Netflix, Adobe, and Reddit love Amazon’s services 

Some of the most renowned websites (such as Netflix.com, Adobe.com, Europa.eu, Nih.gov, Reddit.com, Mozilla.org, Yahoo.com, etc.) use Amazon’s services. 

Source: W3Techs

11. A big-screen experience: Netflix is the largest Amazon customer 

Although many websites use Amazon, a streaming giant is one of its largest customers. Yup, you’ve guessed it: it’s Netflix. 

Source: Statista

12. It’s Amazon’s world: it offers 99 availability zones and is available in 245 countries

Amazon Web Services has 99 availability zones, covering a mind-bending number of 245 countries and territories worldwide. 

Source: Amazon

13. Half of the people in 2023 use AWS cloud services 

Almost 50% of all people using the public cloud platform have run major workloads on Amazon Web Services in the current year. 

Source: Statista

14. Walking the red carpet: AWS owns 30% of the cloud computing world

AWS is the celebrity of the cloud computing world. It controls over 30% of the whole market and is a superstar in the industry. 

Source: Statista

15. As rich as Croesus: Amazon has earned around $80 billion on the cloud platform

If AWS gave $10 to everyone worldwide, they would still have some cash left. In the last year, Amazon Web Services have made $80 billion on the cloud platform.  

Source: Statista


You probably already know that Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. However, you may not know all the numbers and statistics. You will be surprised by the company’s success once you look closely at the incredible facts we have prepared for you.

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