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Robot Wisdom and How Jorn Barger Invented Blogging

Jorn Barger and Where “Blog” Came From Blogs are everywhere. Everybody, every business, everywhere, has a blog these days, some run on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress, but some are popular custom blogs like Mashable and Huffington Post. There are blogs on family, health, writing, music, news, a million other things, and, yes, blogs […]

Why Gamers Should Blog

“Hi, Gamers! You already love to play games, right? You probably love to talk about your gaming experience with friends or even in game chat, right? Then, you are already primed and ready to start a gaming blog! Gamers should blog for a long list of reasons. There are many positive reasons why you should […]

How to Choose a Niche for Your New Blog

Are you ready to start a new blog? If so, then your first step is to choose a niche. A niche is simply what topic you will focus on for your blog. There are lots of ways to determine what niche is right for your new blog, but we can make the process even easier. […]

10 Secret Benefits of Blogging

Not sure whether you should start blogging? Even if making money online isn’t a goal, you will benefit from blogging in a number of other ways. In this post, we’re going to look at ten secrets (or not so secrets, depending on how long you have been blogging) of blogging. Note that these are all […]

What Type of Blogger Are You? 7 Blogging Types Revealed

In the blogging world, there are different types of bloggers who blog to achieve specific goals. If you know you want to become a blogger, but you’re not sure about the specifics from there, then identifying the type of blogger you want to become can help. In this post, we’re going to look at the […]

Why Do People Blog?

When blogging began, the original purpose was for individuals to share their personal lives online, similar to an online journal. Over the last decade, blogging has evolved from having more personal to more professional goals. Instead of individuals solely blogging for their friends and family, blogging began to encompass professionals blogging for the public to […]

What is a Blog? Blogs versus Static Websites Defined

People use the word blog in several different ways. Some refer to blog posts as a blog, some refer to a collection of articles as a blog, and some mistakenly refer to static websites with content as a blog. In this post, we’re going to clarify what defines a blog, and what distinguishes it from a […]

Blogging: Dealing with Negative Comments, Haters and Trolls.

Blog comments and business reviews have become big in the age of the internet. Written content is often backed up with praise of others and trouble-shooting negative comments has become big business for experts on customer engagement. The question is; does anyone believe the written comments and recommendations are true or even written by those […]

A Primer To Tackling Deadlines

No matter which field you are working in, the pressure of getting the work done ON TIME is surely not a pleasant feeling. Yes, we are talking about deadlines. In our contemporary world, “deadline” is one of the most used and oft-feared word. So, how does one tackle deadlines? Of course, staying productive and keeping […]