The Best Website Maintenance Software to Consider in 2024

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: January 7th, 2024
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The Best Website Maintenance Software to Consider in 2024

You must maintain your website consistently. No matter where it is hosted or built. This ensures performance while keeping your site updated and running with the latest upgrades. Running a website is a non-stop job, and keeping it secured, fast, and operational is essential. 

You can make this job more manageable with the right website maintenance software. In other words, you can keep your website in the best condition while not having to be constantly involved in the process. 

These tools can quickly deal with theme updates, backups, security checks, bugs, hacks, errors, spam, etc. 

However, there are dozens of website maintenance software options, and finding the best ones can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve done the grunt work and created a shortlist of the top 5 website maintenance services and why you should consider using them. 

So let’s start. 

Top 5 most popular website maintenance software  

Here is our list of the five most popular website maintenance software. The differences between them are a matter of your needs, capabilities, and functionalities, but all of them can work great for any website. 

WP Buffs — Best WordPress option 

WP Buffs homepage

WP Buffs is one of the best-known website maintenance tools for WordPress. It comes with unlimited site edits, speed optimization capabilities, regular website updates, comprehensive support, cloud backups, etc. 

It lets you promptly perform some of the most complex changes while focusing on business growth. 

Key features 

  • 24/7 customer support – support is always available with emergency response. 
  • 24/7 site edits – no need to hire developers when you need site edits; just contact the engineering team. 
  • Cloud backups – all plans have daily backups with storage options, automation, and unlimited scalability. 

Pricing and plans 

WP Buffs offers five pricing plans: Maintain, Protect, Perform, Custom, and Custom Pro. 

  • $79 per month
  • $66 per month
    (billed annually)

This plan offers weekly updates, 24/7 support, uptime monitoring, 1x daily backups, activity log, and Google Analytics

  • $159 per month 
  • $133 per month
    (billed annually)

This plan offers all the services like the Maintain plan + unlimited site edits, 2x daily backups, security optimization, and robust security plugins. 

  • $219 per month  
  • $183 per month
    (billed annually)

With Perform, you get all the Protect services with additional 4x daily backups, malware removal, media optimization, image optimization, mobile optimization, and speed optimization. 

  • $347 per month 
  • $290 per month
    (billed annually)

You get maintenance for custom-coded sites with site support for Pantheon hosting, 24/7 code monitoring, functionality testing, and updates. 

Custom Pro 
  • $447 per month
  • $371 per month
    (billed annually)

Custom Pro brings everything from the Custom plan with additional Git management, AWS site support, customer support, and a WordPress multisite. 

Visit WP Buffs for additional information >> 

GoWP — The best option for freelancers and small organizations 

GoWP homepage

GoWP offers maintenance services that allow individuals and small teams to focus on their tasks without worrying about their site.

It comes with a dashboard plugin to keep track of what’s going on with your site. 

Key features 

  • Custom reporting – all clients get maintenance reports at the end of the month showing what’s been done on their site. 
  • Daily backups – every customer receives daily off-site backups.
  • Plugin updates – GoWP offers plugin updates with Visual Validator to assess the effects of these updates. 

Pricing and plans 

GoWP offers a single maintenance plan that gives you all the services, but you can get additional services. 

  • $39 per month 

This core maintenance plan includes plugin updates, 90-day daily backups, malware cleanup, daily security checks, and a maintenance dashboard. 

Content Edits 
  • $99 per month

This plan gives you all the Maintenance plan features, a support ticket dashboard, dedicated 24/7 expert support, and unlimited content edits. 

Landing Page Builds 
  • $1299 per month

This upgraded Content Edits plan brings a dedicated WordPress developer to build pages and improve your site throughout the month. 

Visit GoWP for additional information >> 

FixRunner — The most affordable option

FixRunner homepage

Since FixRunner has affordable pricing plans, it’s an excellent option for organizations or individuals on a slim budget that want quality maintenance. 

You get many support services and complete website reviews with immediate fixes. 

Key features 

  • Emergency support – whenever you have an issue, you can request emergency support to look at the problem and fix it ASAP. 
  • White label support – regardless of the issue, security problems, or development needs FixRunner has partners that can help. 
  • Daily backups – you get daily automated off-site backups. 

Pricing and plans 

FixRunner offers multiple plans for small companies and large enterprises. Here’s what to expect: 

Small Websites 

  • $69 per month
  • $49 per month
    (billed annually)

Includes cloud backups, uptime monitoring, security scans, updates, speed optimization, and 90-minute support time. 

  • $99 per month
  • $79 per month
    (billed annually)

Offers the same services as the Premium plan with added e-commerce support, SEO optimization, and a 2-hour support time. 

  • $179 per month
  • $129 per month
    (billed annually)

Combines all the Rocket features with a dedicated account manager, added phone support, and a 4-hour support time. 

Big Websites/Enterprise 

  • $300 per month 
  • $285 per month
    (billed quarterly)

All Advance plan features 8-hour support time, priority support, screen support, and two daily cloud backups. 

  • $500 per month 
  • $475 per month
    (billed quarterly)

All Advance++ features with 12-hour support time, 4 daily cloud backups, advanced speed optimization, and optional Google Cloud hosting. 

  • Custom pricing 

This custom plan comes with all the features of the Advance++ plan but you can customize the number of websites you need support for, support time, daily cloud backups, etc. 

Visit FixRunner for additional information >> 

SiteCare — No limits on requests

SiteCare homepage

SiteCare takes care of most WordPress maintenance needs, and every customer gets a dedicated account manager focused on your needs and services. 

Customers can contact their account managers directly via email or phone. 

Key features 

  • Expert digital marketing services – besides maintaining your website, SiteCare can also assess your marketing needs and tailor digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Real-time monitoring – the experts at site care track your website and update you regularly on essential issues. 
  • Unlimited requests – as a customer, you can make as many requests regarding maintenance, updates, or security services as long as they are available with your plan. 

Pricing and plans 

SiteCare offers three plans: SiteCare Core, SiteCare Plus, and SiteCare Advanced.

  • $990 per year 
    (annual billing only)

It comes with daily plugin updates, activity tracking, security scanning, resolution assistance, site restore services, and email support. 

  • $299 per month
  • $2,990 per year

Offers priority email support, version control, quality testing, automated deployments, and eCommerce maintenance support. 

  • $499 per month 
  • $4,990 per year

This upgraded Plus plan has multisite support, monthly developer support, and fractional billing.  

Visit SiteCare for additional information >> 

Maintain — Custom development services

Maintainn homepage

Maintainn offers several plans offering site themes, WordPress, and plugin updates. It’s a reputable maintenance service with big clients like Cambell’s and Microsoft. 

You get excellent support for maintenance, security, development, and design services

Key features 

  • Custom development services – whenever you need development services, you can contact Maintain. 
  • Instant support – has one of the best response times in the industry. 
  • Free data migration – migrate your data and website free of charge. 

Pricing and plans 

Maintain offers three plans: Core, Plus, and Advanced. 

  • $99 per month 
  • $990 per year 

You get weekly updates, constant monitoring, daily off-site backups, weekly reports, and updates. 

  • $299 per month 
  • $2,990 per year 

You get all the Core services with added 12-hour backups, review cycles, staging updates, version control, e-commerce support, and uptime monitoring. 

  • $499 per month 
  • $4,990 per year 

This plan gives you the same services as the Plus package, with free hack repairs, real-time backups, and dedicated expert support. 

Visit Maintainn for additional information >> 

How to choose the best website maintenance service  

Here are the key elements to consider when selecting a website maintenance service. 

Update consistency 

Updates are a crucial part of website maintenance. All of the elements of your site need to be updated timely as these patches bring necessary security fixes and additional features that make your site better overall. 

Regular backups 

Regular backups are essential for any website; the more frequent they are, the better. Ideally, you should look for real-time updates so you don’t lose anything, even if your WordPress website is down or you lose valuable data. 

Site monitoring 

Monitoring your website ensures you notice immediate threats on time and deal with them. At the same time, site monitoring also helps you upgrade and update various aspects of your online presence. 

Analytics features and services 

Valuable analytics can help you understand what your site is missing and your key strengths and help you steer your presence in the right direction toward getting better business results. 

Customer support 

Timely customer support is critical when hiring a website maintenance partner. Since you’re letting someone else take care of your website’s well-being, it’s crucial that they can solve issues on time and give you the necessary information. 


These are the top 5 website maintenance services you can choose from. Take the time to consider your needs and read reviews from current clients to learn how their services work. If you want your website to grow and attract more visitors, keeping it in the best condition possible is imperative. Good luck! 

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