15 Amazing Google Analytics Statistics of 2024

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: January 4th, 2024
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15 Amazing Google Analytics Statistics of 2024

Website owners must know crucial information about their visitors. Understanding visitors makes it easier to provide valuable information, create content, market, and design websites. That’s why so many people use Google Analytics for various purposes.

But do we really understand how many people are using this tool and in what way? You might be amazed at the numbers. That’s why we’ve decided to collect some of the most exciting Google Analytics statistics and give you a deeper understanding of the tool and its usage.  

Top 15 Google Analytics statistics 

Let’s broaden our perspective and look at some of the most impressive global statistics about Google Analytics. 

1. 33,285,400 active websites use Google Analytics 

Since Google is one of the largest tech companies, it’s not a surprise that Google Analytics is used by some of the most successful websites globally. 

Source: BuilthWith

2. 4,234,799 websites in the US use Google Analytics 

The number of US websites using Google Analytics has been growing exponentially ever since the tool was released. 

Source: BuilthWith

3. 84.7% of websites use Google Analytics 

Around 84.7% of websites that have disclosed which analytics tool is their primary choice use Google Analytics, which means that 54.6% of the world uses Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

4. The market share of Google Analytics is 30% 

Google Analytics has a market share of 30%, making it the leader in web analytics. 

Source: Statista

5. 89.7% of the top 1,000,000 websites use Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the absolute winner in this category as the rest of all web analytics tools split 10.3% between them. 

Source: W3Techs

6. 86.2% of sites using HTML as markup language use Google Analytics 

Additionally, 81.9% of websites using XHTML as markup language use Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

7. 0.05% of websites that use Google Analytics have recently used Facebook Pixel 

Some 0.05% of websites that currently use Facebook Pixel have used Google Analytics until recently and the other way around. 

Source: W3Techs

8. 98.1% of websites using Google Tag Manager use Google Analytics 

Around 90.5% of websites that use Tealium tag manager also use Google Analytics, while 88% of sites that use Adobe DTM tag manager also use Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

9. 88.1% of websites using Bootstrap use Google Analytics 

Out of all websites that use CSS frameworks, 86% of them use Google Analytics, while 88.9% of Animate users use Google Analytics, and 91.7% of websites using Foundation use Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

10. 91.4% of websites using Facebook as a social widget use Google Analytics 

Some 87.3% of websites using WhatsApp as a social widget use Google Analytics, and 90.6% of websites that use Twitter as a social widget use Google Analytics. This means that 86% of websites with social widgets use Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

11. 88.1% of websites with a “.com” top-level domain use Google Analytics 

This top-level domain is the most popular one out there, reserved for some of the most influential websites – 47.5% of all websites use .com. 

Source: W3TechsW3Techs

12. 91.4% of websites that use CDNJS as JavaScript CDN use Google Analytics 

Out of all websites using JavaScript content delivery networks, Google Analytics is used by 86% of them. 

Source: W3Techs

13. 93% of websites using Amazon hosting services use Google Analytics 

Amazon currently hosts 49,963,267 live websites, meaning that 46,465,838 of them use Google Analytics. 

Source: W3Techs

14. 88.8% of websites using the English language use Google Analytics 

English is the most popular online language, and many websites in countries where English isn’t the primary language also use it to attract global customers. 

Source: W3Techs

15. Google.com, YouTube.com, WordPress.org, and Microsoft.com use Google Analytics. 

Some of the most popular sites in the world use Google Analytics, including: 

  • Mozilla.org
  • Vimeo.com 
  • WordPress.com
  • Pinterest.com 
  • Netflix.com 
  • Twitter.com 

Source: W3Techs


Google Analytics is one of the most, if not the most popular, web analytics tools globally. If top-ranking websites use a tool, you should have no second thoughts about using it yourself. Google Analytics can deliver valuable insights, no matter how large or small your website is. 

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