Best Hosting for a One-Page Website You Can Get In 2023

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: July 10th, 2023
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Best Hosting for a One-Page Website You Can Get In 2023

One-page solutions may be your perfect choice if you want to create simple, easy-to-use websites. To build such websites, you need reliable hosting and web builder tools that will help you manage your content and deal with search engine optimization. 

Since many options are available, choosing your ideal tools may take time and effort. That’s why we are here to present the best web hosting and website builder platforms

Before we jump to the list, it’s essential to note that free web hosting services may not be a good choice for your one-page website due to feature and management limitations. 

Best hosting services for one-page websites 

Our guide will present the most reliable hosting solutions and website builders, such as Bluehost, InMotion, Wix, and GoDaddy. These tools will elevate your website-building experience and create professional interfaces. 


bluehost home page

Bluehost offers some of the best hosting services, and the best part is that you can design your website for free. This option, which recommends, is excellent if you want to build and host a one-page website since you won’t have to indulge in complex design processes. 

Some of the key features of Bluehost are an exceptional customer support experience, as well as an all-in-one dashboard. You will have your perfect website in no time with the help of Bluehost’s web builder. 

Bluehost offers four different plans depending on your website’s needs. 

select your plan

Although Bluehost offers numerous plans, you can use the Basic plan (a special price of $2.75/month for our visitors will be applied at the checkout) to fulfill all your one-page website’s needs. It includes a free domain name.

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InMotion Hosting 

inmotion homepage screen

InMotion offers free website building services, Boldgrid WordPress, and advanced hosting services, perfect for your one-page website. You don’t need to be an expert to create your ideal, functional, and fast website. 

The key features of this hosting provider include one of the best uptime rates (99.99%) and complete server solutions. The downside may be that you cannot back up your data with the free plan. 

InMotion offers four different plans according to your website’s complexity and needs. 

inmotion pricing plans

The best plan for your one-page website may be WP Core (without a free domain), for only $2.49 a month, or Launch (with a free domain), for $4.99 a month.  

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Best website builders for one-page websites 

Now that we have covered which tools to use for the best hosting experience let’s see how to build your one-page website. 


wix homepage

If you want to get visually pleasing and optimized websites, you can use Wix for website creation. They offer AI-powered advertisements that will take your one-page website to the next level. 

You can find exceptional templates and website designs you can use. Wix allows you to create eCommerce websites, blogs, and many more in minutes.

Wix’s pricing includes four different plans depending on your website’s design. 

wix pricing plans

The best pricing plan to build your website is the Connect Domain (with Wix branding) for $4.50 or the Combo plan (without Wix branding) for personal use for $8.50 monthly. 

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godaddy homepage

With various features to boost your website’s performance, GoDaddy is one of the best website builders. You can customize your page and optimize your features to attract your audience and increase visibility.

GoDaddy offers some unique templates and customization features that will fit your brand. 

Although you can build your one-page website for free, you won’t access beneficial features. Instead, you can opt for some of the builder’s four plans.

godaddy pricing plans

The Basic plan ($9.99 a month) is excellent for one-page websites since it provides all the essential features you need to run your website smoothly. 

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How to create a one-page website using Bluehost

Since Bluehost is one of the best one-page website builders, you can follow the guide below to start your website-building journey: 

1. Head to the Bluehost website

Go to the website. Then, click the green “Get Started Now” button.

bluehost home page

2. Select the hosting plan

To begin, select a hosting plan. For your initial website, the Basic plan is recommended. As your website grows, you can upgrade to the Plus or Choice Plus plan effortlessly.

bluehost hosting plans

3. Choose your domain name

Enter your desired domain name and choose the extension from the available list on the right side.

bluehost blackfriday domain

Take your time and patience while finding a domain name you genuinely like. Changing domain names in the future is technically possible, but we would not recommend it. Selecting a domain name now is important because it will likely become the permanent identifier for your site.

choose domain later

If you are out of ideas, don’t worry. You can always skip this step and register your domain name later.

4. Register your Bluehost account

Before continuing, you must complete a few fields that require your personal and billing information.

account information

5. Hosting options

While the one-year plan may already seem appealing, Bluehost offers additional options for you to consider.

package information

If you are sure about the longevity of your site, you have the opportunity to pay for multiple years upfront, effectively eliminating the need to pay website hosting fees in the foreseeable future.

bluehost package extras

If you’re unsure whether you need the other options, feel free to skip them. You can always activate or deactivate them later through your account settings.

6. Create an account on Bluehost to access the website-building features

Now it’s time to create your Bluehost account.

bluehost create your account

Like other services, Bluehost requires you to create a new password for logging in. Make sure to select a strong password that is not easily guessable by anyone.

1. Click on the “Create your account” button.

2. Enter your password and complete the account setup process.

3. Your account is now ready to use. Click the “Go to login” button.

4. Fill in the fields for “Email or Domain Name” and “Password”.

Once you register, you will access numerous features and templates, allowing you to create your ideal, simple design. 

7. Create a website using WordPress

After logging into your Bluehost web hosting account, you’ll be guided through a 4-step process to set up your website. It’s recommended to follow this procedure if it’s your first time creating a website. Alternatively, you can skip this step and independently work on constructing your website within your Bluehost hosting account.

Here’s a summary of the 4-step website setup process:

  • Answer three questions about your site’s type and target audience.
bluehost create a website step
  • Choose additional elements to add to your site from the options provided by Bluehost.
bluehost create a website step2
  • Provide details such as your website’s name, tagline, and comfort level with website creation (these can be modified later).
bluehost create a website step3
  • Explore and select from the suggested themes offered by Bluehost, or skip this step if none suit your preference (themes can be changed later).
bluehost create a website step4

Upon completing these four steps, you will be directed to your Bluehost account page, where WordPress will be installed and your website structure will be established.

Launch your site. Within your Bluehost account, you can further customize your WordPress site based on Bluehost’s recommendations. These customization options are available for pre-launch adjustments to your website.

bluehost hosting account panel

Your website will go live after you click the “Launch My Site” button!


If you want to create a premium one-page website and find reliable hosting services, you are in the right place. We have presented some of the best options to help you achieve your dreams and become the best in the digital market!

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