The Best Hosting Services for React App in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: June 1st, 2024
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The Best Hosting Services for React App in 2024 (Free & Paid)

React is the leading open-source and component-based JS library that helps developers to tap into reliable coding and save time while building user-friendly UI apps for web and mobile platforms. 

Though React should be your top choice for coding mobile and web applications, you can use it for more complex applications due to its incredible scalability and MVC architecture. That’s why JS programmers prefer the React app over other similar solutions.

However, hosting a React app involves a bit more complex process than simply deploying a JS or HTML program. Thankfully, you can simplify the process by employing the best hosting for React app. 

With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into the top free and paid hosting services for React apps.

Netlify — Best options overall


Netlify has a strong foothold in the development community – and for a good reason. It is loved for its streamlined workflows, innovative collab features, and flexible integration options. 

Netlify is a front-to-back solution used by millions of freelancers and thousands of teams who’d instead focus on building than stress about servers and DevOps. 

Key features

  • Edge functions – run serverless JavaScript/TypeScript functions right from Netlify’s Edge network; 
  • Previews – share progress with stakeholders and ask them for feedback; 
  • Plugins – install any plugin, including your own, for faster performance. 

Pricing and plans 

Netlify offers four pricing plans – Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise: 

Starter plan
  • Free of charge

Netlify’s free version is a single-member plan for personal projects that businesses can use to test the waters. In addition, to live site previews with a collab UI and instant rollbacks, it allows the deployment of static assets, dynamic serverless functions, and global edge network deployment. 

Pro plan
  • $19 per month

On top of all Starter features, Netlify’s Pro plan also includes background functions, password protection, 1TB bandwidth and 25k build minutes, 7-day history audit logs, shared environment variables, and Slack and email notifications with support for email and organization-owned private Git repos. A free trial is available for the Pro plan. 

Business plan
  • $99 per month

Netlify for businesses offers all Pro features and advanced security with compliance. There is a SAML single sign-on, role-based access control, 1.5TB bandwidth, 35k build minutes, unlimited audit logs and analytics, and a billing administrator role. The Business plan also gives you build prioritization. 

Enterprise plan
  • Custom pricing 

Custom-designed for unlimited teams needing org-level controls, Netlify’s Enterprise plan comes with 99,99% SLA, non-stop premium support, and an enterprise-grade global edge network. Log drains, pen-testing and load testing, and custom contracts and invoicing are added to the Business features.  

Visit Netlify for additional information >> 

Vercel — Quick & easy deployment


Anyone remotely interested in front-end development has heard about Vercel. It’s been repeatedly described as a reliable, intuitive, and super-fast platform for instant deployment that puts extra focus on end-user performance and makes coding a breeze thanks to its single-file structure. 

Key features 

  • Custom domains with free SSL – deploy websites and apps instantly with automatic encryption;
  • Direct GitHub or GitLab integration – enhance users’ experience by integrating websites with GitHub or GitLab;
  • Automatic scalability Vercel can quickly scale with users’ data and application needs since it is cloud-based

Pricing and plans 

Vercel offers three pricing plans – Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Free of charge

Vercel’s Hobb plan is ideal for non-commercial and personal app development projects. It includes CLI deployments, private GIT integrations, built-in CI/CD, automatic HTTPS/SSL, and comprehensive previews for every GIT deployment.

  • $20 per month

In addition to a free trial, Vercel’s Pro plan empowers team collaboration with top features, such as responsive email support, unlimited function requests, 1TB of bandwidth, and advanced previews for UI reviews with a team comment section.

  • Custom pricing

The Enterprise plan is ideal for teams with increased performance, support, and security needs. It empowers developers with SSO/SAML login options, enhanced observability, no-queue isolated build infrastructure, SLAs, and a dedicated success manager. 

Visit Vercel for additional information >> 

Back4App — Best free option 


Back4App is the best choice for hosting React apps for free. Aside from allowing app deployment, Back4App provides a low-code platform with an open-source, scalable backend for building user-friendly applications. 

Startups can rely on Back4App to host React apps and migrate relational data to the cloud without spending a dime.

Key features 

  • Container deployment – build and deploy apps without the need to manage servers;
  • Store data on blockchain – administer user interfaces to store React apps’ relational data on the blockchain;
  • Cloud support – access dedicated cloud support from Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, and other leading vendors.

Pricing and plans 

Back4App offers multiple pricing plans based on how you use the platform. You can use it as Backened-as-a-Service (BaaS) or Container-as-a-Service (CaaS).

Backend-as-a-Service pricing plans include Free, MVP, Pay-as-you-go, Dedicated, and Enterprise Edition. Container-as-a-Service pricing plans include Free, Shared, Dedicated, and Enterprise Edition.

BaaS plans

Free plan
  • Free of charge

The Free BaaS Plan gives you access to 1GB file storage, 1GB data transfer, 250MB data storage, and 25k requests. 

MVP plan
  • $25 per month
  • $15 per month
    (billed annually)

MVP is perfect for launching MVPs on serverless architecture with access to 50GB file storage, 250GB data transfer, 2GB data storage, and 500l requests.

Pay-as-you-go plan
  • $100 per month
  • $80 per month
    (billed annually)

The PayG plan empowers users to tap into unlimited app scalability with serverless architecture and access to 250GB file storage, 1TB data transfer, 4GB data storage, and 5M requests.

Dedicated plan
  • $500 per month
  • $400 per month
    (billed annually)

The Dedicated plan is ideal for production app developers needing dedicated infrastructure with 1TB file storage, 2TB data transfer, 80GB data storage, unlimited requests, and server capacity.

CaaS plans

Free plan
  • Free of charge

The Free CaaS plan allows users to tap into advanced prototyping and developing features, such as custom docker containers, GitHub deployments, and a shared 0.25 CPU with 256MB of RAM.

Shared plan
  • $5 per month

In addition to 0.5 CPU with 512MB of RAM, the Shared plan gives users access to GitHub deployments, daily data backup options, support tickets, custom docker containers, and global CDN.

Dedicated plan
  • $50 per month

The Dedicated plan offers 250GB data transfer, one dedicated CPU with 2GB of RAM, premium customer support, daily data backup options, global CDN, GitHub deployments, and custom docker containers. 

If none of the BaaS and CaaS plans match your requirements, you can tap into Enterprise Editions to build personalized, custom-tailored programs.

Visit Back4App for additional information >> 

Firebase — Google support with robust functionalities


Aside from offering top-grade hosting for React apps, Firebase also provides Google support for app builders. Considered the best React hosting service by numerous software developers, Firebase’s Hosting and Build categories make building/deploying app projects as simple as possible.

Key features 

  • Preview modifications – review all edits and changes for any application before deployment;
  • Free SSL certificates – get access to free SSL certificates by building and deploying applications on the Firebase platform;
  • SSD support – create multiple data backups to store relational React app data and expedite delivery safely.

Pricing and plans 

Firebase offers two pricing plans: Spark and Blaze.

Spark Plan
  • Free of charge

The Spark pricing plan supports up to 50k active users, 1GB of data storage, 5GB cloud storage, 1GB of data downloads per day, 10GB of hosting storage, 360MB of daily data transfers, customer domain, and SSL.

Blaze Plan
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

The Blaze plan unlocks cloud Firestore databases, real-time databases with unlimited read/write operations, Google hosting, 10GB of monthly data transfers, Google Function as a Service, and the Firebase machine learning kit.

Visit Firebase for additional information >> 

AWS Amplify — Rich libraries with customizable hosting options 


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s solution for storing data in a safe and secure S3-powered platform. However, the service was expanded to support other options, including hosting for React apps. 

With AWS Amplify, developers can build, deploy, and host full-stack React apps while tapping into unprecedented operational flexibility and scalability.

Key features 

  • Amplify Studio get access to AWS visual, user-friendly environment with front-end and backend UIs to build/deploy apps with a few clicks;
  • Local CLI streamline app configuring and management with a simple command-driven toolchain;
  • Managed CI/CD hosting tap into server-side and static rendered app hosting for faster, more reliable, and more secure app deployment.

Pricing & plans 

AWS Amplify is available in two pricing structures – Free Tier and AWS Pricing.

Free Tier
  • Free of charge

AWS Amplify’s Free Tier gives you access to three different free trial options – short-term trial, 12-month trial, and Always free. All three plans include over 100 AWS products across multiple product categories, such as machine learning, serverless deployments, web and mobile apps, containers, storage, etc. AWS Amplify Hosting also includes fully managed CI/CD hosting services for front-end mobile and web apps.

AWS Pricing
  • Pay as you go

With AWS Pricing, users can only pay for the products they use. Premium products include cloud connections, data transfers in the cloud, IoT data collection, device syncing, SaaS app integrations, SQL-powered data query in S3, augmented AI, real-time messaging, and more.

Visit Amazon Web Services (AWS) for additional information >> 

How to choose the best hosting service for your React app  

Since choosing the best hosting for your React apps requires time, effort, and resources, we’ve gathered a list of the top features to consider.

Scalability functionalities 

Automatic scalability functionalities are vital to your web and mobile app development efforts. They allow you to scale effectively with your ever-growing data and application needs. Cloud-based hosting service providers can scale with you to match your app growth.

Ease of use 

You should always opt for a hosting service that offers unprecedented ease of use. Aside from enabling you to build and deploy web and mobile apps with a few clicks, user-friendly hosting services also empower you to make swift changes to your apps on the go.

Additional services 

Big web and mobile apps require more resources than your average static websites. It would be best to opt for a hosting provider offering abundant system resources, including monthly bandwidth, storage space, RAM, and CPU power.

Deployments options 

Most hosting service providers allow you to deploy React apps manually or automatically. While you can do it yourself, we recommend choosing a provider with Bitbucket, GitLab, or GitHub integrations for automatic deployment.

Programming language support 

React apps are compatible with Javascript, CSS, and HTML programming languages. Therefore, look for React hosting service providers with customer-centric programming language support to address your coding needs in any deployment environment.


This sophisticated selection of the leading hosting services for React apps should help you address your every need regarding building, deploying, and modifying web and mobile React apps. These five hosting solutions can support any React app-related use case or coding scenario. More importantly, these service providers allow you to use their services free of charge.

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