Running The World: Top 10 Most Interesting Google Ads Usage Statistics

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: November 6th, 2023
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Running The World: Top 10 Most Interesting Google Ads Usage Statistics

Advertising your products and services is essential for improving visibility and creating a successful company – and what better way to market your products than using advanced tools like Google Ads? Inside its Google Ads platform, Google has developed advanced and precise algorithms to target the right audience. It has taken the internet by storm, and almost half of all websites rely on their services. 

We should note that, sometimes, people mix up Google Ads and AdSense. Although both are part of Google’s universe and army of services, they have different purposes. You can read some of the most unique, mind-blowing statistics below to discover more about the world of Google Ads.

General Google Ads Statistics

With over two decades of work history, Google Ads have created some of the most impressive results and are one of the best Google services, as you will see below. 

1. 50.3% of all websites use Google Ads.

There are over 200 million active websites currently, and half of these use Google Ads. However, if we include the inactive websites, too, it totals around 930 million.

Source: W3Techs, Internet Live Stats

2. An estimated 65 million US websites utilize Google Ads.

Google Ads collected around 28.5% of the US-generated digital advertising revenue in 2021. If we consider that almost half of these websites use Google Ads, we can conclude that about 65 million US websites used Google Ads in 2021.

Source: Statista, Curate Labs

3. Google Ads has an insane market share of 98.8%.

Only 1.2% of all websites use other advertising networks, making Google Ads’ market share incredibly high.

Source: W3Techs

4. Around 99.2% of the world’s top million websites use Google Ads.

More than 992,000 websites of the top one million utilize Google Ads, implying Google provides the world’s best advertising services.

Source: W3Techs

5. 53% of all Google Ads-accessing devices are smartphones.

Mobile phones run the world, confirmed by the fact that they account for more than 50% of Google Ads devices. Desktop is next with 34%, followed by tablet with 13%.

Source: Gitnux

6. About 70% of websites with known CMS use WordPress and Google Ads.

Out of all websites with known content management systems, over 70% of them use a combination of WordPress and Google Ads.

Source: W3Techs

7. Joomla and Google Ads make up 1.6% of all websites.

Joomla is another excellent content management system, but only about 1.6% of websites use Joomla for CMS and Google Ads for advertising.

Source: W3Techs

8. Google Ads on Drupal-based websites account for 1.7% of all websites.

Regarding usage, Drupal is right there with Joomla, and about 1.7% of websites that run on Drupal’s CMS use Google Ads.

Source: W3Techs

9. Shopify and Google Ads make a better combo at 4.9% of websites.

Almost 5% of all websites with known CMS use the combination of Shopify for CMS and Google Ads for advertising.

Source: W3Techs

10. Many renowned companies like Amazon and Microsoft use Google Ads.

Some of the world’s largest and incredibly high-traffic websites that use Google Ads include Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, and YouTube.

Source: W3Techs


Google Ads is undoubtedly dominating the market and is one of the most-used platforms in the world. We’ve presented some of the most astonishing statistics about this overachieving website that might show you the service’s size. After discovering these facts, you may look at Google Ads differently.

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