20 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog (for Business and Pleasure)

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 4th, 2023
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20 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog (for Business and Pleasure)

What is a blog and why start one? There are many reasons why you should have your blog. This article will look at twenty ways why everyone should have his or her blog. For some of us, there is nothing more satisfying than having the job of a dream. Whether it’s engineering, art, biology, or any other carrier that you’ve picked. But, some people will tell you that nothing is as satisfying as being a full-time blogger!

Blogging improves and molds your character. It also gives you fulfillment and in some cases financial stability.

Here are twenty reasons that will make you crave to start a blog:

Blogging for Pleasure

1. Helps you learn new things

Learning is the most encouraging factor in blogging. While it requires you to post text on your blog, it also helps you learn a lot. Researching what other bloggers write. Concentrating on how people comment. Creating your piece of content will improve your knowledge on a particular topic.

2. It gives you clarity of thought

The ability to think and act clearly is one of the most critical skills in our day to day lives. Of course, they don’t teach you this in school! Through blogging, you learn to reflect on your relationships and other life issues. It also helps you interact with different people.

3. It improves your writing skills

Writing mastery comes with the need for constant practice. What better way to do this if not through blogging? Remember that inconsistencies weaken your writing muscles. Why have a blog then? Blogging sharpens your writing prowess by forcing you to keep writing.

You can use tools like ProWritingAid that would help you produce quality content.

4. It Improves your confidence

Well, blogging teaches how to share your different opinions. It encourages you to accept the mistakes you make. You will recognize your particular strengths and learn to control your weaknesses. You also get to take criticism and flattery in a mature and professional manner.

5. It can improve your speech

A good speech starts with an even better script. The more you learn about topics of interest, the easier it gets to communicate them verbally. After some period, you will grow confidence. And could face an audience and manage any nervous feeling that may come. Blogging will help you do that.

blogging for pleasure

6. It can assist you with volunteer work and community activities

Blogging also helps in other ways. Like, offering safe drinking water to people in need. Or paying for the education of a needy child. Writers such as Jeff Goins donate close to ten percent of their sales to charities. Others such as Pat Flynn raise more than fifty thousand to build two schools in Ghana, Africa.

7. It is a real challenge

Wait but why blog if it’s challenging? We all need to do some hard tasks at some point in our lives. How exciting would life be if we had things handed to us? With blogging, getting too comfortable is rather difficult. Hence, it forces you to keep growing which isn’t such a bad thing!

8. Blogging allows you to help people

Why not blog if it lets you become a hero? Through sharing your story, you get to inspire young people to explore their hidden potentials. By writing about different ideas, such as love, relationships, and other social issues, you can change their lives.

9. It gives you the best discipline

Are you poor with connecting with people or keeping schedules? With blogging, you improve on these two factors. It helps you follow up deadlines and meet customer needs. If blogging can help you with that then, why not blog?

Blogging for business

10. You can earn money from blogging

For those of us who are not born millionaires, there is a good chance to make a fair amount of money. You can even become a full-time blogger who makes a living of it. All these while doing the thing you love. Plus, having enough time to tackle other activities as well as spend time with your family.

11. No particular set of qualifications required

You can create your WordPress blog in less than fifteen minutes by using a simple step by step guideline. Why not blog then? With the tools available today, you don’t have to be a programmer or a tech-savvy person to make a blog. A few clicks and you’re ready to go!

12. It’s affordable

Why not blog if you can get started and pay $2.75 per month? Yes, that’s how much it would cost you to run a simple personal blog. Also, if you want your blog to have some freedom, use self-hosted setup. You’ll find that it’s affordable for anyone, wherever in the world you may be.

13. It helps you gain an online audience

A majority of people attracted to places and individuals who improve their livelihoods. A blog will allow you to create value through your content. Whence, you can increase your fan base and reach other online readers.

14. It helps in influencing public opinion

Blogging helps you identify a gap in the public sector and allows you to share your views with a broad audience. A good example is an area with little to no dispensaries for pregnant mothers and the sick in society. By highlighting this issue on your blog, you increase awareness of that matter. You could get the attention of people involved, such as government stakeholders!

blogging for business

15. Helps you build your credibility

Some education degrees are losing their relevance and organizations determining specific qualifications. In this case, it has emerged that through blogging, job seekers get employment. Companies are looking for trustworthy writers and opinion leaders to write on their blogs.

16. It helps in publishing your work

Are you still waiting for the services of a publisher? Well then, you’ll have to wait for a lifetime! Why not blog then and make yourself a publisher? Writers such as Theresa Ragan got rejected over a hundred times in nineteen years. She then decided to get smart, and in a year, she sold close to three hundred thousand copies!

17. It can get you opportunities to talk to people

Why write a blog? Well, your blog allows you to take part in a lot of speaking engagements. You may share thoughts on your blog which can land you a speaker offer at the event or conference!

18. It can get you consulting deals

Why blog for business? Mark Schaefer, a famous blogger, has received outstanding deals from different companies. Among them, are Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay as well as many others. You can identify the subject that best suits you and start a blog based on it. That may lead to some consulting jobs shortly.

19. It can help you find freelance jobs

Many people today are earning money from any place in the world through freelance jobs. A blog is an excellent way to show off your skills, and it could help you find new customers. You can get paid for doing something that’s closest to your heart!

20. Helps to promote arts or other hobbies

Why not blog if it brings out your best hobbies? You may love playing soccer, bead making, drawing, arts, and design or even singing. Talk about your passion on your blog, and it will make online readers relate to you in a deeper sense!


If you’ve learned a few tips, then share this article with those who share your concerns. Are there any other tips we’ve left out? Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments, and we’ll get back to you!


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