The Best LLC Services in 2024

A Comprehensive Review of the Top 10 Most Trusted LLC Services Today

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: June 29th, 2024
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The Best LLC Services in 2024

Are you looking for the best way to start a business

If your answer is yes, the best LLC services can make the entire process of forming a business as straightforward and affordable as possible. 

Choosing the right LLC service allows you to lower your costs and ensure that you have everything you need for launching an LLC online. Forming and starting a limited liability company (LLC) creates a variety of challenges, especially if you have no previous experience with business registration protocols. 

Fortunately, top-rated LLC service providers can help you to create a business organization that’s fully compliant with all of the legal requirements. Finding and hiring a top-rated online LLC formation service takes care of the creation and regulation process so that you can focus on your core mission and grow your business. 


Since many LLC services are available on the web, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you to find the service provider that can cater to your unique needs. 

Read on to find the LLC service that can make your business formation process as cost-effective, reliable, and timely as you need it to be.

Top 10 most popular LLC services

Hiring an online LLC service provider to handle your business formation allows you to focus on growing your operations. A provider offers a range of online business formation services that you can hire for a fee. 

Here’s our list of the ten best LLC services currently available:

Northwest Registered Agent — The most cost-effective option

northwest registered agent homepage

Northwest Registered Agent offers straightforward and affordable online business formation services for swift LLC formation. If you need help with handling an LLC registration independently, Northwest is the perfect LLC service provider for you.

This company allows you to perform your registration online, free of additional charges. With outstanding customer service and access to highly experienced US-based business professionals, Northwest helps you to navigate the user-friendly online ordering process via a specific and personalized account. 

Their basic plan is affordable and includes an online account, customer privacy protection, top-grade agent assistance, LLC filing, and more.

Key features

  • LLC filing – you can file your LLC formation documents on the same day.
  • Corporate bylaws – the basic plan includes both operating agreement and corporate bylaws.
  • Industry-standard customer support – you get access to professionals who specialize in LLC formation services.
  • Virtual office – set up an online account to manage your business documents.
  • Report filing – receive annual reports to track your activities and ensure full compliance with the latest regulations.

Plans and pricing

Northwest has one basic LLC formation plan.

  • $39 per month

Includes business features such as mail forwarding, privacy protection, business address, LLC filing and formation, corporate guide, and agent service. The registered agent service comes with a 1-year free trial – after that, it’s $125 per year.

Visit Northwest for additional information >>

LegalZoom — Top LLC option for eBusiness

legalzoom llc homepage

A leading LLC service provider in the current market, LegalZoom is known for processing a huge quantity of LLC formations daily. The quality of their online incorporation and legal advice services are unprecedented in the industry. 

Aside from the regular scope of LLC filing services, LegalZoom offers you access to legal forms, responsive customer support, and a range of business formation services. Compared to other LLC service providers on our list, LegalZoom offers the most complete scope of legal services beyond LLC formation.

Key features

  • Trademark registration and annual reports – LegalZoom handles all the LLC paperwork, including the business name search and entity filing.
  • LLC formation – all three pricing plans provide access to a full range of digital LLC services, including step-by-step LLC formation, financial account authorization, and more.
  • Digital tracker – track the progress of your LLC formation through your LegalZoom account.
  • Personalized storage – store your sensitive documents in a preferred delivery format.
  • 24/7 customer support – you receive access to customer support agents who can assist with your business formation process.

Plans and pricing 

LegalZoom offers three pricing plans that come with an array of features. The basic plan includes everything you need to complete your LLC formation, while the other two plans offer additional services for a full level of personalization. 

The three plans are:

  • $149
    Plus state filing fees

Form your LLC in 20 business days, choose a comprehensive business name, take care of the paperwork, track your progress, and receive professional customer support assistance as well as access to a business newsletter.

  • $329
    Plus state filing fees

Reduce the LLC formation process to 10 business days and receive the full Economy package along with the addition of membership certificates, personalized file storage, and an official business embosser.

Express Gold
  • $349
    Plus state filing fees

Express Gold offers access to all of the features included in the Economy and Standard packages with the option to form your LLC within 2–5 business days along with access to expedited order processing and file shipping.

Visit LegalZoom for additional information >>

ZenBusiness — The best service provider for small businesses

zenbusiness llc homepage

ZenBusiness is one of the most affordable LLC formation services for small businesses. If cost-efficiency is your priority, ZenBusiness should be your number one option. 

With top-grade registered agent service, 24/7 customer support, and affordable and user-friendly LLC formation packages, you can also access risk-free accounting consultations, LLC maintenance services, and annual report filing. 

In addition, the company offers a 100% guarantee on all costs. The LLC service package includes a free CPA assessment, operating agreement, and article of organization filing.

Key features

  • Registered agent services – receive access to 1-year free registered agent services for a fee of $199 per year.
  • Free operating agreement – define the terms of your company formation.
  • Licensed CPA recommendation – find a licensed CPA for free to assess and evaluate your corporate finances, file taxes, and track your cash flow.
  • Business domain, website, email – protect your sensitive data, gain brand visibility, and get in touch with your customers.
  • Rush filing – expedite your business formation according to your needs.

Plans and pricing

ZenBusiness offers three pricing packages:

  • Free of charge

The Starter plan offers access to 1-year registered agent services for a $199 fee, a free operating agreement, and a CPA assessment.

  • $199
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to all the features available with the Starter plan, the Pro plan offers features such as an Employer ID Number (EIN) and a risk-free compliance guarantee.

  • $299
    Plus state filing fees

The Premium plan combines both Starter and Pro plan offerings and adds features like domain privacy, business website tracking, and personalized email.

Visit ZenBusiness for additional information >>

Bizee — The best option for free LLC registration

bizee homepage

Bizee, formerly known as Incfile, is a well-established LLC service provider with top-grade services for incorporating your business organization as a non-profit, C corporation, S corporation, or LLC. 

This company offers many advantages for LLC owners, such as secure online document storage, email notifications about the latest LLC-related compliance regulations, and basic business formation services that you can use for free (state fees aren’t included). 

If you choose Bizee, you can count on top customer service, prompt order turnaround, no hidden fees, 1-day business filing, and the peace of mind that they have helped over 1,000,000 business owners.

Key features

  • Online storage – receive secure online access to all necessary incorporation documents.
  • Bilingual Support in English and Spanish
  • Prompt order placement – complete your order in mere minutes and file your LLC documents within one business day.
  • Email alerts – a responsive email notification system alerts you about all LLC-related compliance regulations.
  • Federal tax ID number – have your tax ID sorted out easily.
  • Tracking tool – track your compliance reminders, important deadlines, and business formation progress in real-time.

Plans and pricing

There are three pricing plans available with Bizee:

  • Free

Along with the standard LLC formation service, Silver also includes a 1-year free registered agent service and unlimited email notifications.

  • $199
    Plus state filing fees

The Standard plan offers all Basic features, as well as EIN registration, banking resolution, and an operating agreement.

  • $299
    Plus state filing fees

The all-encompassing Premium plan combines the Basic and Standard plans and adds expedited LLC filing, business contract templates, and free domain hosting with a business website.

Visit Bizee for additional information >>

Filenow — The quickest LLC service around

filenow llc homepage

Filenow is a cost-efficient and timely way to register your small business as a corporation or LLC. All LLC formation plans include a 1-year free registered agent service. Their registration process requires around 15 minutes of your time, and you receive free access to EIN/federal tax service.

Filenow provides a range of LLC formation services, including unlimited chat, email, and phone support, 24-hour order processing, a 100% money-back guarantee, and complete control over your business documents.

Key features 

  • Federal Tax ID/EIN – receive professional legal assistance with acquiring an EIN number for your LLC.
  • Application for authority – Filenow will handle your permission to conduct your business in any other state of your choosing.
  • Registered agent service – keep all of your legal documents and tax files in one unified and easy-to-manage place. 
  • Certificate of good standing – ensure your business is in compliance with all business permissions, filing requirements, and legal reporting regulations.
  • Business name reservation – reserve your business name in advance by completing a two-step reservation process.

Plans and pricing

Filenow offers two pricing plans:

  • $49
    Plus state filing fees

The Starter plan offers a 1-year free registered agent service, free EIN and federal tax ID, error-free guarantee, 24-hour processing, electronic delivery, online order status tracking, company alerts, and more.

  • $149
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to the Starter plan offerings, Premium offers features such as business bank account management and a corporate kit for advanced operation management.

Visit Filenow for additional information >>

Inc Authority — Great customer feedback

inc authority llc homepage

Inc Authority provides an entirely free initial LLC filing service. It’s one of the most reliable options for business owners looking to invest in lucrative opportunities while saving on LLC formation fees. Aside from the free package, the company also offers premium service packages. 

If you’re a new business owner on a tight budget, Inc Authority could be the best option to obtain a business name check, secure access to a registered agent, prepare your documents, conduct business funding analysis, and form your LLC.

Key features

  • Business name check – browse available business names within your state.
  • Preparation and filing – have your paperwork and entity formation ready for state filing.
  • S-election form – prepare and file your IRS documentation (form 2553).
  • Digital storage – keep your legal business files and certificates of organization in a secure online portal that you can access on-demand.
  • INC care support – access unlimited customer support via phone or email.

Plans and pricing

Inc Authority offers four pricing plans:

  • Free
    Plus state filing fees

This basic bundle allows you to verify your business name, file your LLC paperwork with your state, receive legal assistance, contact customer support during business hours, store your files, plan taxes, and receive funding analysis.

  • $399
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to the basic features, the Starter plan offers advanced services such as corporate bylaws, a personalized record book, meeting templates, personalized certificates of ownership, and EIN filing.

  • $499
    Plus state filing fees

The Executive plan encompasses both the offerings of the Entry and Starter plans with the addition of domain website hosting and a business-relevant license report.

  • $799
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to the Executive features, you receive access to express processing, creditworthiness improvement and credit-building system, as well as credit bureau registration with D&B.

Visit Inc Authority for additional information >>

Rocket Lawyer — Top LLC option for legal advice

rocket lawyer llc homepage

Rocket Lawyer offers user-friendly, comprehensive, and quick LLC formation and

incorporation services as well as professional legal advice and access to a legal library of business files for free (one-time) or a monthly fee. 

Whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, or small/medium-sized business, Rocket Lawyer offers all of the necessary legal and LLC formation assistance. You can access their LLC services as a non-member (pay per service) or premium member (free access for a monthly subscription).

Key features

  • Business formation – the company handles all of the paperwork and files it for you with the relevant state authorities.
  • LLC consultation – receive professional help with everything that you want to know.
  • Customer service – receive customer support via all available communication channels.
  • Tax ID number – access your tax ID for easier tax filing.
  • Registered agent service – focus on your core mission while Rocker Lawyer handles all of your legal documentation.

Plans and pricing

Rocket Lawyer offers two options:

  • $39.99 per document
    Plus state filing fees

Non-members have access to individual services, where they pay for the specific service that they use. Business filing starts at $99.

Premium membership
  • $39.99 per month
    Plus state filing fees

Premium members receive free business filing (first time), legal documents, and a 30-minute consultation.

Visit Rocket Lawyer for additional information >>

MyCompanyWorks — Interactive setup wizard

mycompanyworks llc homepage

MyCompanyWorks is a customer-centric LLC service provider with a track record of supporting more than 60,000 businesses. 

Their services are reliable and affordable, and you can obtain most of the necessary LLC formation services with their basic pricing plan, including features such as a compliance alert system, a personalized LLC operating agreement, and responsive customer support. 

If client feedback and top-grade customer service are the highest priorities of your LLC, MyCompanyWorks is the service provider for you.

Key features

  • LLC formation – the company handles the formation paperwork required by your state and files it for you.
  • Unlimited email and phone support – all pricing plans include unlimited email and phone support.
  • Name availability search – let them browse your state’s business database to find a suitable name for your LLC.
  • LLC operating agreement – determine the ownership structure of your LLC and lay it down in an official document.
  • Advanced reporting – this feature includes annual reports, compliance alerts, business monitoring, and more.

Plans and pricing

There are three pricing plans available with MyCompanyWorks:

  • $59
    Plus state filing fees

This plan prepares all necessary documents for forming your LLC, finds a business name for you, drafts custom ownership documents, provides email and phone support, and sends you compliance alerts.

  • $179
    Plus state filing fees

This plan includes the offerings of the Basic plan and adds on a 1-year free registered agent service, EIN/tax ID number, and a customized library of business forms.

  • $259
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to the Entrepreneur and Basic features, Complete offers premium reporting, advanced data tracking, business monitoring, and compliance notifications.

Visit MyCompanyWorks for additional information >>

BizFilings — The best user dashboard

bizfilings llc homepage

BizFilings is a trusted, reputable, and legitimate LLC service provider that handles everything from tax management and LLC formation to compliance, data encryption, cybersecurity, and free LLC formation consultation. 

This company offers three pricing plans that encompass an impressive range of features, including a user-friendly online dashboard that allows you to manage and track all of your LLC formation requirements.

Key features

  • Guidance and compliance tools – the company allows you to track, monitor, and manage all of your filing dates and compliance requirements via a user-friendly dashboard.
  • License wizard – form your LLC almost effortlessly by ensuring that you have all necessary permissions according to your state’s laws.
  • Business name verification – find and verify the desired business name for your LLC by tapping into your state’s database.
  • Full-featured LLC document library – access the BizFilings document library to handle all of your business documents, files, and other paperwork.
  • Advanced customer support – top-class business specialists at your disposal 24/7.

Plans and pricing

BizFilings offers three pricing plans:

  • $99
    Plus state filing fees

The Basic plan includes LLC formation features, an online compliance dashboard, and a document library with all business files, documents, bylaws, LLC forms, and more.

  • $239
    Plus state filing fees

The Standard plan includes the Basic plan features and adds an LLC kit and seal feature that allows you to customize LLC forms, operating agreements, and other business documents. This plan also includes order prioritization.

  • $349
    Plus state filing fees

In addition to offering all Standard features, the Complete plan provides expedited shipping, certified copies of LLC forms, and EIN.

Visit BizFilings for additional information >>

Swyft Filings — Free business name search

swyft filings llc homepage

SwyftFilings is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for online LLC formation services. 

This company offers affordable basic business formation features, including a free domain name, compliance information, free tax consultation, and a one-day turnaround. 

In addition, customers can count on a 60-day money-back guarantee, high-end customer support, and prompt service.

Key features

  • LLC formation – complete the process of LLC formation within one business day.
  • Easy application process – complete your application process in less than 10 minutes.
  • Legal paperwork – the company provides customized legal documents such as banking resolutions, compliance requirements, IRS regulations, and more.
  • Domain hosting – aside from handling your LLC formation, the company also assists with your domain name registration, web hosting, and website building.
  • Business name verification – unlike many LLC service providers, SwyftFilings helps you to find, reserve, and verify a business name free of charge.

Plans and pricing

SwyftFilings offers three pricing packages:

  • $49
    Plus state filing fees

This package covers everything that you need to complete your LLC formation, including name check and verification, paperwork preparation, tax consultation, compliance alerts, and a free domain name.

  • $149
    Plus state filing fees

You receive access to all of the Basic features as well as banking resolution, operating agreement, and EIN.

  • $299
    Plus state filing fees

The Premium plan offers a full suite of SwyftFilings features, including electronic file delivery, digital LLC kit, free web hosting and website, as well as express tracking, shipping, and filing.

Visit Swyft Filings for additional information >>

Choosing the best LLC service for your business

Here are some valuable tips about choosing the best LLC service for your business needs.

Tap into the highest level of expertise to make the process as simple as possible

Forming an LLC is quite a complex process. Fortunately, LLC service providers have years of experience and the highest level of expertise. This can prove helpful when navigating the process of LLC formation.

LLC service providers custom-tailor their features to your specific needs to help you to expedite the process and ensure that you have the complete paperwork.


The best LLC service provider is the one that offers a full suite of features at an affordable price. It’s paramount to find a provider that offers essential LLC features for small owners without breaking their budget.

Look for a provider with a well-priced package that includes all of the LLC formation essentials.

Registered agent services

You need a registered agent that can represent your business to ensure that you remain compliant and never miss filing deadlines. Registered agents also ensure a higher level of protection for your business information and privacy.

Most reputable companies offer a registered agent service for free for one year.

Turnaround time

If you need your LLC operational immediately, you will want to consider turnaround time when choosing the best LLC service provider for you. The turnaround time can determine whether your LLC is operational when you need it to be.

The best LLC service providers should have a quick turnaround time.

Tax help

The best LLC service providers should offer access to professional tax specialists who can provide all of the tax advice and assistance that you need to handle your taxes.

LLC may be liable to various taxes such as business license renewal, property taxes, use and sales taxes, payroll taxes, and franchise taxes.

Best LLC services depending on your needs

Here’s a short overview of the best, most reliable LLC service providers depending on your needs.

Best service for free

Incfile is the best option if you’re looking for a free LLC formation service that only costs you the state filing fees. Their free service offers everything you need for LLC formation and filing, including online document storage, compliance alerts, easy order placement, and responsive customer feedback.

Best service for small businesses


Starts at $0 + state filing fees

ZenBusiness is the best low-cost option for small business owners on a budget. The company’s starter pack provides top registered agent service, professional assistance, customer support, advanced reporting, LLC filing, and a $100 accuracy guarantee for just $49 plus state filing fees.

Best service for foreign (another state) LLC


$79 + state filing fees

If your LLC conducts business outside of the state where you were initially registered, you’ll need additional jurisdictions for registering a foreign LLC. LegalZoom takes care of all of the instructions and jurisdictions for foreign LLCs to ensure full compliance with federal regulations. More importantly, they help foreign LLCs avoid additional charges and hefty penalties for improper registration.

Best service for non-US residents

If you’re living outside of the U.S., you might find it complicated to form an LLC. Thankfully, Northwest can help you to bypass the potential complications and complete the necessary tasks such as opening a US bank account, listing a business address, and obtaining an EIN.


What is an LLC?

A limited liability company or LLC is a legal business entity that allows business owners to own and operate a business. LLC businesses involve the same level of limited liability as regular corporations but are more affordable and simpler to form and run. An LLC also comes with different liability protection.

How do LLC services help?

Instead of handling all the paperwork and other details yourself, you can hire an LLC service to manage your LLC filing and formation for you. 

Aside from handling your business formation, LLC services also offer additional features, such as obtaining EINs, creating operating agreement templates, registered agent services, tracking tools, and more. 

These services can help to save time, effort, and resources and ensure your LLC stays legally compliant.

Is there any risk involved with LLC services? 

Top-rated LLC service providers offer risk-free and legitimate services for completing the process of forming a limited liability company. However, there’s always the risk of formation errors that could lead to paying hefty fines for failing to comply with state and federal regulations regarding forming an LLC in the U.S.

What compliances do I need for an LLC?

The list of top compliances for an LLC includes:

Annual reports – some states require both annual and biennial statements as well as the payment of a statement-filing fee.
Franchise tax – refers to the fee that business owners pay for running an LLC in a particular state.
Other taxes – business license renewals, payrolls, sales taxes, and more.

What’s the initial cost of starting an LLC?

Although the cost to form an LLC varies from state to state, it could cost you anywhere between $50–$500 to complete the process of LLC formation. Also, add an annual maintenance fee that’s roughly $100 per year.


We’ve used a specific methodology for choosing the best, most trustworthy LLC services based on pricing, features, customer reviews, customer support, transparency, and accessibility. 

Our goal is to provide new business owners with reliable, legal, and trusted services that offer the highest value without breaking your budget. All service providers mentioned here are reputable and user-friendly. 

Their services and professional assistance can help to make the complex process of LLC formation as straightforward and affordable as possible. We recommend checking out all of these services to ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the best service according to your individual needs.

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