The web runs on WordPress. The web runs on lots of things. Either way, though, the best, easiest, cheapest, and quickest way to build a great site is using the WordPress framework. Let’s get started

The Best WordPress Themes in 2017

It’s time to recap and start anew, as always in December. Here, at First Site Guide, that traditionally means revisiting our old WordPress choices and reflecting upon newer, sleeker, and improved ones. Once again, we’ve went through everything this powerful platform has to offer and selected only the best, so that you don’t have to […]

The Best WordPress Themes in 2016

Another year went by, and we here at First Site Guide did another review of the best WordPress themes, but for the year 2016. As you already know, we go through all the different types of WordPress themes, both free and paid. Furthermore, it is clear that there is no best theme in general; there […]

The Best WordPress Themes in 2015

Somehow it’s been a whole year since we released our 2014 Guide to the Best WordPress Themes – and what a year it’s been! It’s time for us to find the very best themes of 2015 . . . so once again we’ve ventured out into the wilds of the world wide web searching, testing, […]

The Best WordPress Themes in 2014

First Site Guide uses WordPress. It’s true there are plenty of options out there for casual bloggers, but there’s really only one best option for the professionals, and that’s the WordPress platform. It’s portable, modifiable, diverse, beautiful, flexible, and supported by a legion of themes, plugins, and so on.

The Best WordPress Plugins Recommended by The Experts

Now, you’ve created your new blog, but all those free plugins around the net make you loose your mind wondering which one to pick?! We all know that WordPress Directory currently offers more than 34k free plugins for a download plus all other premium plugins offered by many development firms. Well, fear no more cause […]

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers, Illustrators and Designers

Many photographers, designers and illustrators have discovered the ease and professional look of WordPress themes for their images, instead of building a web site from the ground up. Themes are simple, easy to use and come loaded with apps and widgets, so they’re ready to go. You can build a professional looking, beautiful website in […]

WordPress, Portfolio Site, Host Templates or Design From Scratch?

There is a debate about what is the best way to show one’s creative work to clients. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers struggle with the question of what is best for ME? Throughout the painful quandary, there is the nagging anxiety of what other creatives will think of a person’s web site. The […]